Adding Contracts to an Organization

How to add contracts to an Organization's account. You must have the Service Provider Manager user role enabled to access this feature.

It's important to keep accurate up-to-date records about your service provider organizations and the agreements you have with them. You can record these agreements (or contracts) for each organization in the Service Provider Manager using the Contracts Management section.

Whether you are adding current contracts, historical contracts for your records, or up-coming contracts for an organization, they are all added the same way. Currently, all contracts must be added manually and we will be releasing the ability to add contracts in bulk via CSV import or through the Service Provider Portal over the coming months.

How To Add a Contract

1. Go to Tools > Service Provider Manager

You will land on the Organization list.

2. Click View next to the organization you want to add a contract to

3. Select Contracts from the left-hand menu

4. Click Add Contract

5. Enter the Contract Details


Contract Type - Chosen from the types set up in Contract Settings

Contract Name - The identifying name of the contract

Contract Reference - The reference number for the contract

Contract Start Date - The date the contract is valid from

Contract Expires - The expiry date of the contract

Contract Value - How much the contract is worth

Status of Contract - Active for a currently active contract, Pending for a contract which is not yet active, or Expired for historical contracts that have already expired

Description - A description of what the contract is for

Contract Owner - The Service Provider Member who is managing this contract and responsible for renewal if applicable. A member must have the Contracts Owner contact role type assigned to be a Contract Owner

6. Click Save and Next

Please Note: Once the contract details have been entered, a summary of these will appear at the top of the page while in any of this contract's settings.

7. Upload any supporting Documents for the contract


To upload a document, click Select File and choose a file from your computer. You can upload PDF, Image, or Word file formats. You can then View, Rename, or Remove the document using the buttons next to it.

8. Click Save and Next

9. Set the Expiry Notification Recipients


These people will receive notifications, set up in the Contracts Settings, when a contract is due to expire. The default settings are automatically applied.

10. Click Save and Next

11. Set the Expiry Notification Timings


This will determine when and how often recipients receive expiry notifications. The default settings are automatically applied.

12. Click Save and Close

The contract will be added to the organization.


To Edit an existing contract, click View next to the contract and make changes to the necessary areas as covered in these steps.

Deleting or Archiving a Contract

When a contract has finished, or you no longer require the contract, you can either delete or archive the contract.

Deleting a contract will completely remove it from the system and you will no longer have a any record of it. This is useful for testing contracts or removing mistakes.

To delete a contract, either click the Remove button next to the contract, or:

1. Select the contract(s) to delete using the checkbox(es) next to their records

2. Click the Run an Action dropdown

3. Select Remove Contract

4. Click Run Action

The contract(s) will be deleted from the system unable to be restored.

Archiving a contract will change the status of the contract but it will still be available to view, edit or restore. It will only be visible when the Archive filter is changed to Archived Only. This is useful for most contracts when you want to keep a historical record of previous contracts you have had with an organization. Archived contracts will not send out expiry notifications.

To archive a contract or multiple contracts:

1. Select the contract(s) using the checkbox(es) next to their records

2. Click the Run an Action dropdown

3. Select Archive Contract

4. Click Run Action

The contract will be archived and accessible by changing the filters to view archived contracts.

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