Inter-Zone Kiosk Setup

How to set up an Inter-zone Kiosk. You must have the Administrator user role to access this feature.

Inter-zone Kiosks are used to move people from one area of your location to another without signing them out first. This gives you the ability to accurately track who is accessing what areas of your location and when.

There are three steps to setting up your Inter-zone Kiosk:

Create zones in your location

Create an inter-zone only access point

Create an Inter-zone Kiosk

You can then configure the Inter-zone Kiosk settings. To help with this, we have provided details on the Differences Between Inter-Zone and Sign In/Out Kiosk Setup.

Create Zones

To use an Inter-zone Kiosk, you first need to create zones for your location. Zones are the different areas in your location that people can access. You can set these up in many various ways, you can have separate zones for different floors in a building, different buildings on a campus, or specific rooms that you need to track access to.


For full instructions on how to create zones, please see our Helpdesk article Location Zones.

Once your zones are created, you can create an Access Point with those zones connected to it.

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Create an inter-zone only access point

Access points are different areas in your location that can be used to access other areas. The default access point is Main Reception, where people sign into and out of your location, however you can change this and add more as required. Inter-zone access points may be entrances to different floors, buildings, or specific doors that grant access to special areas of your location, e.g. Vault Door.


For full instructions on how to create zones, please see our Helpdesk article Access Points.

To create an Inter-zone access point, during the set up of your access point, select at least two Connecting Zones and set Inter-zone Only to Yes.

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Create an Inter-Zone Kiosk

Creating an Inter-Zone Kiosk is slightly different from creating a regular Sign In/Out Kiosk. There is no printing or questions, including photo capture, on an Inter-zone Kiosk, and no Deliveries.

To create an Inter-zone Kiosk, set the Access Point to the inter-zone only access point you created.


This will immediately configure the available Kiosk options to the inter-zone only configuration.

Please Note: See below for details on what has been changed for an Inter-zone Kiosk configuration.

Proceed through the available options to the branding screen where you can Save your Kiosk.

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Differences Between Inter-Zone and Sign In/Out Kiosk Setup

There are differences to each available tab of the Kiosk set up when creating an Inter-zone Kiosk except for Service Provider Help.

Please Note: Service Provider Help only appears when you have enabled Service Providers in the Mode tab.

Tabs that are not available in an Inter-zone Kiosk setup are Questionnaires and Deliveries. The remainder have their differences outlined below.


Enable Print Sharing and, for iPad device only, iPad Printing Mode have been removed. This is because there is no printing to set up for an Inter-zone Kiosk.



There is no Deliveries option under Person Type because Deliveries are not available on Inter-zone Kiosks.

The Visitor and Service Provider Label options and Enable Host Badge Pass Authorization, for visitors, have been removed because there is no printing.

All Photo Capture options have been removed because there are no questions or photo capture available.



The Badge Pass Notifications tab has been removed because there is no printing.



The Sign In and Out Text and Button Color options have been replaced by the Switch Zone Text and Button Color options.

The Switch Zone Name option has been added to allow you to rename the Switch Zone button to fit your setup.

The default message of the Information / Instruction has been changed to reflect an Inter-zone setup.

Once you have set up your Kiosk, you can activate this in the same way as any other Kiosk, by logging in on your Kiosk device using the Kiosk email and password.

Have a look at this Helpdesk article for information on How to use an Inter-zone Kiosk.

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