Using the OnSentry main menu

Learn how to navigate the main menu in OnSentry. This article is for OnSentry users.
OnSentry is no longer available for new installations, but existing clients continue to receive support.

In the OnSentry app, the main menu is accessed by clicking on the icon in the top-left corner.

The main menu contains options for Settings, Switching Access Points, Movements, Help, Updating, and Logging Out. You can also see your user profile, last sync time, and current OnSentry version.



There are two options to configure in the Settings section, General and Data & sync.



The general setting is for the Sign in auto-confirm time.

When scanning tokens for people signing in or switching zones, you are shown a dialog box with a summary of the movement, you then either confirm or cancel the movement. The Sign in auto-confirm time sets how long the dialog box is displayed before automatically confirming the movement.

Set the Sign in auto-confirm time by tapping the General option and selecting from the pop-up menu. The default time is 15 seconds.


Data & sync

The data & sync setting is for Offline Mode.

The Offline Mode is used to record people's movements when you have no internet. Enabling Offline Mode allows you to continue using the app and manage people movements without the real-time sync to your OnLocation account. Once Offline Mode is disabled, all movements will be synced with your account and will appear in the People Presence report.

Enabling Offline Mode is a simple toggle, tap the Data & sync setting to toggle on or off.

The Offline Mode icon on the main screen will indicate whether this is enabled or not.


Switch access point

Use this to change the Access Point you are managing people movements for. Select the option, then select the step to change your Access Point from, you will be taken back through the same steps as when you first logged into the application.


See this article for more information on Selecting Your Access Point.


You can review all of the people movements you have recorded in this session from the Movements section. Each movement has its own record.

You can only view movements from the current session of OnSentry, if you log out the movements will clear.

Movements are sorted by time with the most recent appearing first. Each movement displays the person's name and type, the date and time, whether they were signed in or out, and details of the movement.

The details of a movement include what location and zone a person was signed into or out of and through which Access Point.



Selecting Help will open the MRI OnLocation Help Center in a pop-up. Search for 'OnSentry'.


Selecting Update will automatically update OnSentry to the latest version. If it is on the latest version already, you will receive a pop-up confirming this.

When there are new updates available you will see an icon appear next to the Update section to indicate this.


Selecting Logout will log you out of OnSentry and sync any movements which have not yet been synced as long as you are connected to the internet. You should always log out when you have finished managing people movements for security.