Types of visitor notification alerts

In this article, we explain the types of visitor notification alerts that are available in WhosOnLocation. You must be an Administrator to access the settings for notification alerts.

Types of notifications

Whenever a visitor checks in, you can have their host automatically notified. There are three types of visitor notifications:

  • Email notifications are free with all WhosOnLocation plans. By activating email visitor notifications, all people (like employees) with an email address recorded in their WhosOnLocation profile will automatically have email visitor notifications turned on.

  • SMS (text) notifications are included in each plan with a capped number based on the plan. The employee must have a mobile phone number recorded in their WhosOnLocation profile for SMS notifications to work. 

  • Push notifications are free and unlimited with all plans. They require the employee to have WolMobile and to grant the app permission to send notifications.


Notification settings

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