Add a contractor member

Learn how to add a contractor member manually. You must have the Contractor Manager user role to access these settings.

About contractor members

A contractor member works at your location but isn’t employed by your organization. They are recorded as members of contractor organizations. Each member has their own profile

There are two ways to add a new contractor member: manually, one at a time, or in bulk by CSV import. You can add more detail when you add a member manually.

If you need to record information not included in the default member fields, add custom fields in Contractor Manager before adding new contractor members.

Some of these options will only show if your Account Owner has enabled the add-on. 

Add a contractor member

The only required field is their full name, but if you have added mandatory custom fields, you must complete this information. 

To add a contractor member:

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. Select Members from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Add Members.

  4. Click Manually.

  5. Complete the profile information. and complete any other member settings as outlined below.

Profile information

Complete the member's profile information: 

  1. Enter the member’s full name. You must add a first and last name.
  2. Enter the member’s job title at their organization. This will display on the kiosk during sign in/out if there are multiple people from this organization with the same name. 
  3. Add their primary email address. This sends notifications, invitations, and inductions to the member.
  4. Enter the contractor ID. This can be entered instead of a name when signing in/out on a kiosk.
  5. Enter an alternate email address. This can be used to send an induction.
  6. Add their mobile number. This is used to contact the member, to send notifications, invitations, and inductions to the member.
  7. Add their phone number.
  8. Add their extension number.
  9. Add the member's emergency contact number in the ICE Number field.
  10. Select the member's account status: Pending, Active, Inactive, On-Hold, and Banned. The member must have an active status to sign in to your locations.
  11. Add the dates that the member is permitted on-site. These dates are optional, but if they are blank, the member will always be considered valid.
  12. Click Save & Manage Organizations to continue setting up this member.

    If your organization uses custom fields, you may have extra fields complete and tabs to click through.



Link the member to your contractor organizations. Search for the organization and select from the dropdown menu. By default, the member will have the same access permissions as the organization and no organization roles assigned.

You can assign a member to as many organizations as required and customize location permissions and roles for each organization. Organization roles are optional.

  1. Select Organizations from the menu on the left.
  2. Click Location Access.
  3. Select the location(s) the member should have access to.
  4. Select the level of access: permitted or temporary.
  5. (If temporary) select their access date range.
  6. Click Organization Roles.
  7. Select the member’s roles.
  8. Click Close.
  9. Repeat the above to add multiple organizations and when you’ve finished, click Save.


OnLocation Mobile

To give a member access to OnLocation Mobile, you must send them their activation code by email or SMS. 

  1. Select Organizations from the menu on the left.
  2. Click Location Access.
  3. Click Send activation and select either Send via Text Message or Send via Email. The member must have this information in their profile to receive the message.


You can also regenerate a member's activation code and remove their app access from this screen. 


You can add inductions to contractor member profiles if you have the Induction Manager user role. 

To add a completed induction: 

  1. Click Add next to the induction course.

  2. Select the date they completed the course.
  3. Click Add Induction.

To invite them to take an eLearning course: 

  1. Click Invite next to the course.

  2. Choose how you would like to send the invite. Select the checkboxes next to Email or SMS, then click Send.

The member will receive an invite to complete the course online. 


Add any tokens to the member's profile to allow for easy sign in/out through scanning. The tokens are the numbers associated with the barcodes, which are scanned to sign in or out of a location. The token types are used for categorizing the different tokens a contractor can use. These are set up in Identity Manager.

To add a token to the contractor member’s profile:

  1. Click Add Token.
  2. Choose a token type.
  3. Either enter the number manually or scan the associated barcode/QR code to enter the number.
  4. (Optional) Add an issue and expiry date.
  5. Click Save.



Add any certifications that are relevant to the contractor. Certifications are set up in Certifications Manager and added to each contractor's profile as required.

Certifications can be used to deny entry to locations if they are expired and can be required before allowing contractors to undertake certain jobs.

To add a certification to a contractor member’s profile:

  1. Click Add Certification.
  2. Choose the certification from the drop-down menu. You can use the Filter By Type option to narrow down the dropdown menu results.
  3. Enter the certification number.
  4. Select the dates of the certification.
  5. Click Save & Next.

  6. Upload any supporting documents.
  7. Click Save & Close.


Add any notes about the contractor member for your records. There are two methods to enter notes: manually one by one or in bulk via CSV import.

Enter notes manually

  1. Click Add New Note.
  2. Select a note type.
  3. Enter a subject.
  4. Enter the note.
  5. Click Save.


Enter notes in bulk

  1. Click Import Notes.

  2. Click Import Note Template to download the template.

  3. Save the file to your computer.
  4. Enter the notes’ details. Ensure that your Note Type is one of the options in the same dropdown list, or the file will not import.

  5. Save the file using the CSV UTF-8 file format for the best results.
  6. Click Select CSV File.
  7. Select the file from your computer and click Open.
  8. Click Import Notes.

Other actions

  • You can edit a note by clicking View next to it, adjusting the details, and clicking Save. This will be recorded in the note’s logs.
  • Remove a note by clicking Delete next to it, or using the checkbox to select it and the Run an Action Menu to delete multiple notes at once.
  • View the changes made to notes by clicking the Logs button.
  • Export a CSV file of notes by clicking the Export Notes button.

The contractor member will be saved in your member list. You can edit any of these details anytime by searching for the member using the search fields and clicking View next to their name.