Introduction: WolEvac

WolEvac is an emergency management tool for mobile devices. It gives you the ability to quickly and easily account for everyone in the event of an emergency. WolEvac users would usually be employees who are safety marshals, fire or floor wardens in a location.


How it works

WolEvac is a mobile app that allows first responders, wardens, and safety marshals to have accurate information in an emergency. They can share critical messages, view real-time verification process, and manually verify the safety of everyone on-site.

Anyone signed in when the evacuation event is created is counted as on-site during the evacuation. However, the integrity of the data in WolEvac is only as good as your organization's tracking of people's presence on-site.

After the emergency, you can run detailed reports on emergency communications, mustering, and evacuations. These reports provide valuable insight into the efficiency of your emergency procedures for review. 

Using WolEvac, you can:

  • Track zones cleared
  • View a muster report
  • Send SMS asking people to self-verify their safety
  • Do a manual roll-call
  • Share critical messages with other safety marshals
  • View ‘need help’ requests from those who are not safe
  • Real time verification of evacuation progress
  • View post evacuation reports


WolEvac is a web application compatible with iOS (iPhone and iPad), Microsoft (phone & Surface), and Android (phone and tablet). WolEvac is not available in the app or Google Play store. It needs to be saved on your phone as a shortcut, bookmark, or pin.

WolEvac is an add-on available on all pricing plans. If you run out of SMS credits during an emergency, we will honor any SMS usage and send you an invoice after the evacuation event.

User types

You can have as many employees as WolEvac users as you like. Typically users are safety marshals, and/or fire and floor wardens. WolEvac has two types of user roles: 

  • Managers (normally the safety marshal, fire, or floor warden) can create and close WolEvac events from their phone.
  • Assistants are invited to join a new WolEvac event when the event is created by a Manager and can collaborate to verify cleared zones or areas, and the safety of employees, visitors, and contractors. They can: 
    • Track that zones are cleared
    • Send SMS/Text asking #AreYouSafe
    • Perform a manual roll-call
    • Share messages with other WolEvac users
    • View ‘need help’ requests from people NOT safe
    • View real-time verification progress
    • View post evacuation reports

Start using WolEvac

  1. Enable the WolEvac add-on
  2. Give an employee access to WolEvac
  3. Add WolEvac to your phone
  4. Run an evacuation event in WolEvac
  5. Run a post-evacuation WolEvac report