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Introduction: WolEvac

Accounting for people in the event of an evacuation has always been problematic given most organizations do not know who is on-site in the first place.

Note: WolEvac is an add-on and must be activated by the account owner before use. To activate the add-on, go to Tools > Account > Add-on Management, click Yes for the add-on and click Save.



What is WolEvac?

WolEvac is your evacuation management tool for mobile devices. It is available for all smart phones as it runs through the phone's browser rather than a Native App.

There are two types of WolEvac Users -

  1. Managers: These users can create and close WolEvac events from their phone. They would have a shortcut to WolEvac saved on their phone on the home screen, as a bookmark, or as a favorite permanently so they can always access it when needed.
  2. Assistants: These users do not need to save WolEvac to their phone. When a Manager creates a new WolEvac event all Assistants in the same location are automatically sent a SMS/Text message with a link asking them to join the event. The link takes them into the evacuation event using their phone's web browser. From here they can assist the Manager to verify people and clear zones.

WolEvac users would normally be those employees who are safety marshals, or fire or floor wardens in a location. They can collaborate with each other to verify they have cleared their zones or areas, and then verify the safety of employees, visitors, and contractors once in the assembly area. They can:

  • Track that Zones are cleared
  • Send SMS/TXT asking #AreYouSafe
  • Perform a manual roll-call
  • Share critical messages with other safety marshals
  • View ‘need help’ requests from people NOT safe
  • View real-time verification progress
  • View post evacuation reports
Note: WolEvac is not available on the app store, rather you need to save it to your phone as a shortcut, bookmark or pin.

The primary role of WolEvac users is to verify the safety of all people on-site at that point in time. Users can carry out a manual roll-call. If a person is ‘present’ and accounted for the user can switch that person’s status from being ‘unverified’ to ‘verified’.

Roll-calling thousands of names can take some time and in the event of an emergency time is precious. WolEvac addresses this by allowing a user to push a SMS/TXT out to all employees, visitors, and contractors asking them if they are safe. They respond with the word ‘Safe’ if they are – this is immediately captured by WolEvac and all users are updated via the WolEvac app. It’s possible to verify the safety of hundreds or even thousands of people in a couple of minutes using this feature.

Post-Evacuation Reporting

After a WolEvac event, Report users can login from any PC and view the WolEvac Event Report. You can view:

  • Name of Location, Date and the Time event was created
  • Names of users that participated in the event
  • Names of people verified as ‘Safe’ and not verified as ‘Safe’
  • How people were verified (by manual roll-call or via SMS/TXT)
  • How long it took for the event to be closed
  • Chat events between users and more…

Report users can also view logs and event data.

Logs detail key stats like:

  • Names of users that participated in the event
  • Names of people verified as ‘Safe’
  • Names of those not verified as ‘Safe’
  • How people were verified (by manual roll-call or via SMS/TXT)
  • How long it took for the event to be closed
  • Chat events between users.


Question: How does WolEvac know which people are on-site at the time of the evacuation?

Answer: The integrity of the data in the WolEvac app is only as good as your organizations policing of people presence tracking processes.

Your WhosOnLocation allows you to:

  1. Manage visitor traffic
  2. Manage contractor and supplier presence
  3. Manage employee presence

By default your WhosOnLocation account will treat all employees as being on-site at the time of the evacuation unless, an employee has specifically signed out of the location using one of the many ways WhosOnLocation allows employees to tag on or off a location.


Question: What phones can be used?

Answer: WolEvac will work with recent iOS, Android and Windows enabled mobile phones.


Question: How many employees can we make WolEvac users?

Answer: Unlimited. Although typically users are safety marshals, and/or fire and floor wardens.


Question: Do I pay for using WolEvac?

Answer: No it is a free feature Add-on with all accounts.


Question: Do I pay for the SMS/TXT sends if I use that function?

Answer: Yes. All SMS‘s/TXT's sent are charged at the standard SMS/TXT rates. Charges vary depending on the country you are in. View current SMS/TXT charges here.


Question: How do I buy SMS/TXT Packs?

Answer: Email and request to purchase SMS/TXT Packs.


Question: What if I run out of SMS/TXT credits and we need to use WolEvac?

Answer: No worry – in good faith we honour your use of the SMS/TXT function in WolEvac and send you an invoice post the evacuation event.

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