About sign in/out kiosks

Visitors, contractors, and employees can use kiosks to sign in and out of your location. They are a self-service option so your guests can sign in without needing to interect with your staff.


Using a kiosk, your guests can:

  • Sign in or out
  • Answer questions
  • View health and safety instructions
  • Take their photo
  • Print a badge pass
  • Notify their host that they have arrived

Types of kiosks

There are three types of kiosks:

  • Standard kiosks - Sign people in and out of your location by interacting with a tablet or computer
  • Touchless kiosks - Guests scan a QR code on a device or poster to sign in or out on their smartphone
  • Inter-zone kiosks - Monitor when people move between zones in your location

Technical setup

Kiosks can be set up on:

  • iPads running iPadOS 13+
  • Windows computer or tablet running Windows 8+ and the correct browser
  • A printed QR code poster

For more information on the requirements, check these articles:

Next step: Add a new kiosk, then update its branding. Customize the background, logo, color, and custom message.