Dimensions for pre-printing a logo on a badge pass

If you're having your logo pre-printed in color by a third party, use these specifications to ensure your logo prints correctly.

The space allocated for logo printing is pre-set by MRI OnLocation. Your logo should be re-sized to fit into the space on the badge. 

The space for the logo is indicated in blue in the below image.

The logo badge pass specifications are:

  • A – Top border of the logo is 3mm from top of the badge       
  • B – Left border of the logo is 8mm from left side of the badge
  • C – Right border of logo can is 12mm from the right side of the badge
  • D – Bottom border of the logo is 16mm from the top of the badge


When setting up your badge pass template, make sure you select the Logo at top of Pass template, then remove the logo from appearing on the badge.