Set up kiosk returning visitor search

Learn how the kiosk returning visitor search works and how to set it up. You must have the Administrator user role to access kiosk settings.

How it works

When a walk-in visitor is signing in using your sign in/out kiosk, the first step is to enter their name. If they have signed in previously, they may be able to select themselves, using their organization as a unique identifier, to speed up their sign-in process.

The organization question must be enabled in Sign In/Out Questions to use this feature. If an organization is not entered by the visitor, they cannot be remembered.

This will remember the previous answers they gave when signing in and auto-complete the most common questions for them, e.g. mobile number, email address, employee host, etc.

Some questions will always be asked whether they have signed in previously or not, e.g. purpose of visit, car parking space number, visitor card, etc. These are questions that often change with each visit.


Kiosk returning visitor search setting

This setting is located in the Mode tab of a sign in/out kiosk's settings. For existing kiosks:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks.
  3. Click View next to your kiosk.
  4. Select the Mode tab.
  5. Click the dropdown menu for the Kiosk Returning Visitor Search field.

  6. Select the number of days for this setting. You can choose between 10, 30, 60, 90, 120, 180, and 360 Days.
  7. Click Save and Close.
If this kiosk has high visitor traffic, you may want to limit the Returning Visitor Search to 30 or 60 days only. Otherwise the resulting pick list becomes too large.

Kiosk custom questions

When creating a kiosk custom questionnaire, you can set how often you want the questionnaire to be asked, this will not be changed by the Returning Visitor Search.


However, if you have the returning visitor search set to less than the frequency of the kiosk custom questionnaire, there is a chance that the kiosk will not remember the visitor and the questionnaire will appear more frequently that set.

For example, you have a kiosk custom questionnaire set to a year’s frequency, and your returning visitor search set to seven days. A visitor who signs in for the first time will go through the questionnaire as required. They next come back two weeks later, the kiosk will not remember them and they will have to go through the questionnaire again, even though the frequency is set to a year. This is because the kiosk doesn’t remember that the visitor has ever used the Sign In/Out kiosk before and thinks it’s the first time again.

Sign In/Out Manager returning visitor

The kiosk settings for this feature are separate from Sign In/Out Manager settings. To set this up for Sign In/Out Manager, check the Help Center article