Send a WolPass to your pre-registered visitor

Learn how to send your pre-registered visitors a WolPass. Any user with access to WhosOnLocation can send a WolPass to their own visitors.

Before you can send a WolPass, the WolPass add-on must be enabled by the Account Owner and the WolPass must be enabled for your location by a WolPass Manager.

Once enabled, any employee in that location can send a WolPass to their pre-registered visitors.

Send a WolPass

    1. Go to My Visitors > My Pre-Registered Visitors.
    2. Click Send WolPass next to your visitor.

    3. Check the visitor’s email address has been added correctly.
    4. Click Send, then click Yes to confirm.


      For a group of visitors, select the visitors using the checkboxes and click Send WolPass to Selected.
    5. The date and time the WolPass was sent will appear. Click Close

Your list of pre-registered visitors will update to show that a WolPass has been sent.

If you have a group event it will show how many out of a total number of people have been sent a WolPass.

Resend an updated WolPass

If you update a pre-registered visit event or your WolPass gets updated with new more relevant information, resend the updated WolPass to your visitors.

Once you're finished editing an event, if a WolPass has been sent before the event was updated, a pop-up will appear with a Resend button.

To send a new WolPass, click Resend, then click Yes in the confirmation box.


If the WolPass itself gets edited, this will not automatically show like an edit to the visitor event. You will need to rely on the WolPass manager to inform all employees if a WolPass is updated and what changes were made.

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