About photo capture

When a visitor, contractor, or employee signs into your location, you can capture their photo. Sign In/Out Managers (receptionists and security guards) can capture the photo as they sign in a person. People signing in using a sign in/out kiosk can also have their photo taken.

Photos are captured using:

  • A web-camera on the Sign In/Out Manager's computer
  • A web-camera installed on a sign in/out kiosk
Photo capture is supported on Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and in the WolKiosk app.

Photo capture frequency

You must choose a photo capture frequency rate when activating photo capture at a location. Photo capture frequency is how often a photo of a returning visitor or contractor or employee is retaken. 

You can set up a photo capture frequency rate to be one of the following:

  • Every visit
  • Every 30 days
  • Every 90 days (this is the default setting)
  • Every 180 days
  • Every 365 days 

Photo retention policy

You must choose a photo retention policy rate. Photos are a type of Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We only store photos for a specified number of days on our servers. The minimum is 7 days and the maximum is 730 days (2 years), after which they are removed permanently. You can choose a photo retention policy rate to be one of the following:

  • 7 days
  • 30 days
  • 90 days
  • 180 days
  • 365 days (1 year)
  • 730 days (2 years)

Photos are removed within 24 hours of the retention date expiring. For example, if a photo is captured on 1st January and your retention policy is set to 180 days the photo of the visitor is deleted from all servers by midnight on the 181st day of the year – June 30th.

Photo lookup options

Once a photo is captured it is available for viewing until the photo retention period passes, then it is deleted. Photos can be viewed:

  • Through the reporting tools for audit and security purposes. Just select a visitor by name to view their photo.
  • By any Sign In/Out Manager user who selects Sign Out to view a list of people on site. They can select that person's name and their photo will display.

Photo editing options

It is possible for both Sign In/Out Manager's to retake a person's photo if they are not happy with the previous one. It is also possible for a Report user to replace the captured photo with an updated one.

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