Create a WOL eLearning induction course

Learn how to create a WOL eLearning Induction Course. You need the Induction Manager user role to access these settings.

How it works

WOL eLearning courses are created in WhosOnLocation using the induction builder feature. Invitations to sit courses are sent to employees and/or contractors by email or text and are typically completed before coming on-site.

When creating a course, you can set the audience to be specific to selected role types, departments, and/or locations. This means you can create courses with details specific to different roles or locations within your organization.

Typical setups require anyone in a course’s audience to have passed a course before they can sign in. To narrow a course audience, you can set up custom organization groups or member/employee roles and assign these based on the courses required.

Create a WOL eLearning course

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management.
  2. Click Create a New Induction Course.

  3. In the Course Details tab, select WOL eLearning as the course type.
  4. Enter the course name.
  5. Enter a description so that other users with access to the induction tools can see the purpose, scope, and/or intent of this course. This description is also used to describe this course to a Learner who is using an induction kiosk.
  6. Select how many attempts learners have before failing the course.
  7. Choose a course owner. The course owner is responsible for keeping the course updated and can be notified when courses are expiring.
  8. Set any restrictions on who can manage this course. If none selected, any induction manager can access and manage this course.
  9. Click Next.

  10. In the Learners tab, choose the types of people you want to be able to take this course. You can choose employees, contractors, or both. And you can choose to restrict these learners by departments and roles.
  11. Choose how often this induction course needs to be renewed.
  12. Set if you want his course to automatically deny access to learners if it has expired. You can set up triggers to display a custom message, and/or send notifications to specified people if they are denied access.
  13. Click Next.

  14. In the Certificate of Learning tab, choose the Certificate of Learning Template you want to send your learners when they have completed the course. 
  15. Click Save.


Next step

You can now start building your course:

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