Set up induction course notifications

Learn how to set up course notifications so learners are notified when a course is expiring, or to be notified when someone passes or fails a course. You need the Induction Manager user role to access these settings.

How it works

Induction courses are an important part of tracking compliance and renewal for employees and/or contractors.

You can choose which contact methods to use when contacting employees or contractors about induction courses. You can send automatic course invitations and course expiry reminders, and be notified when someone passes or fails a course. 

Customize who is notified when an induction course attempt is passed or failed:

  • Notification recipients will receive an email when an induction course attempt is passed or failed.
  • The learner of the induction course can be sent a copy of their induction certificate upon completion of the course.

There are three parts to your induction notification settings:

The organization name displayed in the notification can be updated by your Account Owner in the account profile settings

Set up notification send preferences

Choose how to contact your employees or contractors. Prioritize if you'd like to use email or SMS first. If a learner doesn't have the primary contact method provided in their profile, MRI OnLocation will send the notification using the secondary method. 

Please note there is a cost to send SMS notifications. Your pricing plan contains an SMS allowance. One SMS credit is used for every 160 characters in a message. If you have a large number of learners, you may like to use email as the primary contact method. 

To update notification contact methods: 

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Manager.
  2. Select Course Notifications from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select a primary for employees: Email or SMS.
  4. Select a secondary contact method for employees: Email, SMS or None.
  5. Select a primary contact method for contractors: Email or SMS.
  6. Select a secondary contact method for contractors: Email, Other Email AddressSMS or None.
  7. Select a final contact method for contractors: Email, Other Email Address, SMS or None.
  8. Click Save.


Set up pass/fail notifications

To access induction notifications:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Manager.
  2. Select Course Notifications from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select Pass/Fail Notifications.
  4. Click the toggle next to Send to Course Owner to send a notification to the employee listed in the induction course settings.
  5. Click the toggle next to Send to the Issuing Authority to send a notification to the person listed as the issuing authority on the induction certificate. This person can also be the course owner.
  6. Select an employee to send the notification to someone within your organization.
  7. Enter an email address that's not linked to an employee, e.g.,
  8. Click the toggle next to Send Course Certificate if you want to send a copy of the certificate to the person completing the induction.
  9. Click Save.


Set up course expiry notifications

There are three tabs for expiry notification settings:

  • Notification recipients
  • Notification send settings
  • Notification email editor

Notification recipients

Choose who you want to receive a notification when an induction course is due to expire:

  • Notify Course Owner – The employee in your organization who is set as the course owner for the induction due to expire.
  • Notify Learner – The contractor or employee who passed the induction course and must sit an induction renewal.


Notification send settings

Choose when you want to send the expiry email notifications. You can send up to three notifications, two before the expiry date and one the day after expiry:

  • Course expiring - First reminder sent to your chosen recipients. Select how many days before expiry you want this to send from the dropdown menu.
  • Course expiring reminder - Final reminder sent before an induction course expires. This must be set to send after the first notification. Select how many days before expiry you want this to send from the dropdown menu.
  • Expired course - Sent one day after an induction expires. Choose whether to send this using the Yes or No option.

If you only want to send one reminder, set this using Course expiring.


Notification email editor

Separate emails are sent to the learners and Course Owner of expiring inductions, and a different email is sent depending on which notice is being sent. You can edit each of these in this section.

There are three sub-tabs, one for each notification send setting. Each sub-tab has two templates to customize, one for learners and one for course owners.

You can reset an email to the default template using the Apply Default Settings option below each email.

Placeholders are available to insert dynamic content into your emails to make it specific to the learner and the induction.

  1. Click the toggle next to the induction course to enable notifications for that course.
  2. Click on Email to open the email notification editor.



Click the View available placeholders dropdown to display this list and copy and paste placeholders into your email as required:

  • {{Organization.Name}} – The name of the learner’s organization.
  • {{Learner.Name}} – The learner’s full name.
  • {{Learner.Email}} – The primary email address in the learner’s profile.
  • {{CustomerOrganization.Name}} – The name of your OnLocation account.
  • {{Course.OwnerName}} – The full name of the employee set as the course owner.
  • {{Course.OwnerEmail}} – The email address in the course owner’s profile.
  • {{Course.Name}} – The name of the induction course.
  • {{Course.ExpiryDate}} – The date the induction course is due to expire.
  • {{Course.Link}} – The link to sit an updated induction course.

If the induction course is an eLearning induction course, ensure that you use the {{Course.Link}} placeholder in each email to the learner so that they can automatically take a new induction course.

Next step: Set up an eLearning induction course, then send it to your employees or contractors.