Sending your WOL eLearning Course to Learners

How to invite people to take your WOL eLearning course. You must have the Induction Manager user role to send induction course invites.

You can invite your learners to take your WOL eLearning induction courses directly from WhosOnLocation. We will track who has been sent a course and who has passed a course in the system for you to review at any time.

Before you send invitations to your learners to sit your WOL eLearning Induction Course, there are a couple of things we recommend you do first.

Before Sending

Preview Course

Before inviting your learners (Service Providers {contractors} and/or employees) to attend your induction course, you will want to preview the course to ensure it is setup correctly.

To preview your induction course on the computer you are currently using, click on the orange Preview button, and select On my computer. This will open your induction course in a new tab for you to experience the course in full.

To preview your induction course on another device, you can send the link via email or SMS by selecting On another device. Enter the email address or mobile/cell number you would like to send the link to and click Send.

Ensure Learners' emails and/or cell phone details are correct

You are about to send a link to a Learner (Service Provider or employee) to complete a specific course. To do this you need to have the Learners primary email address, or alternative email address, or cell phone number recorded correctly in their profile.

When you are satisfied that your induction course is set up to your satisfaction, and your Learners email and/or cell phone details are correct, it’s time to invite your learners to take the course.

Send Invite

  1. Under the status column for your course, click the red Draft button.

  2. Select Publish.

  3. Click the purple Invite button.

  4. type of Course Learners you want to invite.
  5. Click Search.
  6. Select the learners you want to invite to this course.
  7. Choose how you want to send the invitation under the Run an Action dropdown menu.

  8. Click Run Action to send the invites.
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