Visit request form

Learn how visitors can request a booking by completing a visit request form.

How it works

Visit requests allow visitors to book a time to come on-site. They fill out a form with their name, email, who they're visiting, where they work, and their preferred date and time. The unique URL or clickable button can be shared via email or on your website. Once submitted, the host and Visit Request Authorizers are notified to approve, deny, or suggest a different time. Approved requests create a pre-registration event with visitor information. The visitor experience depends on the enabled features.

This article covers:

Visitor request form

After configuring visitor request settings, the visitor request form will be available. The shareable link is located at the top of this page.

  1. Go to Locations > Visit Requests.
  2. On the right of the link, click on the copy to clipboard icon.

  3. The link can now be shared with your visitors and added to your website or email signature for easy booking.

Complete a visitor request form

There are a range of visitor pre-registration features available on OnLocation. Your visitors' experience will depend on the features that your organization has enabled.

  1. Click on the visit request link to be directed to the visit request form.


  2. Complete this page by filling in as much information as possible. We recommend enabling the Email address option and making it a required option. This can be found under Sign In/Out Questions settings.
    If the email address option isn't enabled, the visitor won't receive any confirmation about their request's status. They won't know if it has been approved, or denied, or if an alternate time and date have been suggested. This is also the case if the email address is misspelled.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Enter the required information.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. A summary of the visit request will appear on the next screen. This will upload the request to OnLocation and an email notification will be sent to the host. If the host has the required permissions they will then answer the request or this will be done by the Sign in/Out Manager or the Visit Request Authorizer.
    Please look out for an email regarding any possible updates. Remember to check your junk mail folder as well.