Introduction: Sign In/Out Manager

The Sign In/Out Manager feature is a core part of all MRI OnLocation accounts. It enables the front-of-house to sign in/out visitors, contractors, employees and process deliveries.

How it works

Reception and/or security guard teams use the features and need the Sign In/Out Manager user role to access it. A Sign In/Out Manager can manage one or many locations and only those assigned the role can access this feature.

A Sign In/Out Manager can:

  • Sign In/Out visitors, contractors, and employees
  • View everyone currently signed in and export it as a PDF
  • View reports of historical sign-in activity
  • Pre-register visitors

If an administrator enables these features, they can also:

  • Activate a panic alarm in an emergency
  • Enter delivery arrivals and automatically notify employees
  • Select the language they use for Sign In/Out Manager
  • Scan a visitor ID with OnScan

Get started using Sign In/Out Manager

Image showing the visitor sign in tab in Sign In/Out Manager with several visitors pre-registered