Create a community

Learn how to create a community for your location. You need the Community Manager user role to access these settings.

About communities

Community: means a group of people (which we refer to as community members) whose community name uniquely describes them distinctly from employees, contractors, visitors or other communities in the account. Examples of a new community are:

  • Residents - to describe people occupying units in an aged-care facility or people occupying units in a multi-family facility.
  • Students - to describe children attending a school or any form of education service provider facility.
  • Volunteers - to describe people providing a volunteer service to the client.
Currently, you may notice that some settings are greyed out. However, in upcoming releases, you'll be able to customize profile fields and have access to additional settings.

Create a community

  1. Go to Tools > Community Manager.
  2. Click Create community.


  3. Enter the community name. This is the name displayed to people as they sign in.
  4. Toggle to show community members in OnEvac.
  5. Select the primary filter for OnEvac.

  6. Click Save.
Next step: Once you have created and configured your community you can learn more about how to add a member to a community.