Add a community member

Learn how to add a community member manually. You must have the Community Manager user role to access these settings.

About community members

A community member visits or works at your location but isn’t employed by your organization. Each member has their own profile.

You can add a community member individually.

Community: means a group of people (which we refer to as community members) whose community name uniquely describes them distinctly from employees, contractors, visitors or other communities in the account. Examples of a new community are:

  • Residents - to describe people occupying units in an aged-care facility or people occupying units in a multi-family facility.
  • Students - to describe children attending a school or any form of education service provider facility.
  • Volunteers - to describe people providing a volunteer service to the client.

Add a community member

The only required field is their full name, but if you have added mandatory custom fields, you must complete this information.

To add a community member:

  1. Go to Locations > click on your community.


    If you have multiple locations, make sure the correct location appears under the Locations heading. Communities will appear under all locations; however, a community member will only appear in the community for a specific location where you have created their profile.

  2. Click Add member.
  3. Complete the profile information and complete other member settings as outlined below.

Profile information

Complete the member's profile information:

  1. Enter the member’s full name. You must add a first and last name.
  2. Enter the member’s title at their organization. This will be displayed on the kiosk during sign in/out if there are multiple people from this organization with the same name.
  3. Enter the member’s external ID if applicable.
  4. Add their email address. This sends notifications, invitations, notices and inductions to the member.
  5. Add their mobile number. This is used to contact the member, to send notifications, invitations, and inductions to the member.
  6. Add their year.
  7. Click Save & close.

If your organization uses custom fields, you may have extra fields to complete and tabs to click through.


Next step: You can sign visitors in or out using Sign In/Out Manager. If you are unfamiliar with the Sign In/Out Manager, you can learn more by reading the Introduction: Sign In/Out Manager article.