Introduction: WolScan

Keeping your organization and those that work within it safe and secure is critical for any organization. It’s also vital that you can verify the visitors you are inviting into your organization or work site. One way which this can be done is by sighting their photo identification and entering those details into WhosOnLocation. ID scanning with WolScan streamlines the capturing of visitors' photo ID allowing you to validate the identity of visitors removing any guess work ensuring only those allowed on-site gain access.


What’s WolScan?

WolScan is our iPhone app for ID scanning enabling you to scan, capture, and record a visitor’s photo ID. The information collected when a visitor’s ID is scanned is sent to WhosOnLocation to either sign in a new visitor or update an existing/pre-registered visitor’s profile.

The benefits of using WolScan are:

Reduced cost – No specialised equipment is required, you can use an existing iPhone. The iPhone could be an employee’s existing phone, or a shared phone kept at reception area.

Portable – You can scan visitors’ IDs from anywhere and the information can be sent to any computer signed into the Sign In/Out Manager’s account, allowing for a single phone to be shared between the team.

Multi-Functional – Don’t limit yourself to using just one WhosOnLocation app on your iPhone. In addition to WolScan as the Sign In/Out Manager is normally positioned near the exits, we recommend using WolEvac as well. In an evacuation, the Sign In/Out Manager can use the iPhone they were using for WolScan to help verify the safety of everyone on-site with WolEvac.

Added Security – Ensure visitors identity by capturing their photo ID and storing within your WhosOnLocation account should you need to verify their identity at a later stage.

Increased Productivity – Quickly and accurately sign in new visitors by scanning their photo ID, instead of entering manually. Fast sign in for returning visitors by matching their photo ID held within WhosOnLocation to their visitor profile. Easily add photo ID to already signed in or pre-registered visitors by scanning and matching the photo ID details to their profile within WhosOnLocation.

Data Security – All visitor data, including captured images, is sent directly to the WhosOnLocation server your data is stored on. No data is processed by a third party.

Supported ID Types

WolScan captures a photo of the ID using the Generic ID Card setting. To extract information from the ID and enter it into WhosOnLocation automatically, the photo ID must be a passport (any country) or a driver’s license from one of these supported countries; United States of America, Canada, New Zealand, or United Kingdom.

Please Note: We are currently unable to support Australian driver’s licenses for automatically extracting information.

If using a supported ID type, WolScan will extract the information and automatically enter it into WhosOnLocation. Otherwise, it will only capture and record a photo of the ID.

WolScan Setup

To use WolScan you must:

  • Enable the integration within your WhosOnLocation account.
  • Download and install the WolScan app on an iPhone.
  • Configure the WolScan options within your WhosOnLocation account.

Sign In/Out Managers will then be able to use to capture visitor IDs.

Click here for more information on how to set up WolScan.

How WolScan Works

On a day to day basis the normal workflow for using WolScan with Sign In/Out Manager is:

Visitor arrives on-site and let’s the Sign In/Out Manager know who they are here to visit.

  1. Sign In/Out Manager scans the visitor’s ID using WolScan.
  2. Information is automatically saved in WhosOnLocation.
  3. Sign In/Out Manager completes the visitor sign in process.
  4. Visitor badge printed.
  5. Visitor’s host is notified and collects the visitor.

Click here for more information on how to use WolScan.

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