Set up basic visitor questions

Learn how to activate basic visitor sign in/out questions. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings. 

How basic questions work

Sign In/Out Questions is where you’ll choose the questions your visitors are asked when they sign in. You can choose which question types are activated and where your visitors will see the questions.

The following basic visitor questions are activated by default:

  • Name 
  • Organization
  • Are you visiting someone today?

Most questions have options for:

  • Activate – enables the question
  • Required – question cannot be skipped during the sign-in process
  • Host notification – includes the answer in the host’s arrival notification email

Options that do not have these are settings for questions rather than questions themselves. These include:

  • Bypass summary screen
  • Host confirmation
  • Disable host remembrance
  • Visitor privacy

These settings are either activated or deactivated only. Some questions will prompt further options to be configured. Details on these are included below.

Once the question is selected, click on the advanced options arrow to select where they are activated and required, including:

  • Kiosk – applies by default to all new kiosks. You can customize what questions are asked at specific kiosks using the kiosk question rules.
  • Sign In/Out Manager – applies when signing visitors in through the Sign In/Out Manager.
  • Visitor Pre-Registration – answered before they visit, either manually by an employee, or the visitor answers the questions while completing their visitor profile. Only select questions are available during pre-registration. 
If your organization needs to ask questions that are not covered by the basic questions, add your own custom questionnaires

Configure your visit questions

To access Sign In/Out Questions:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Questions.
  3. In the Visitors tab, click on one of the eight sub-tabs.


Visit Options - get more details around each visit

  • Host selection - Activating this question will ask which employee the visitor is visiting. How this appears will depend on where the question is being asked:
    • For Sign In/Out Manager and Kiosk - If the visitor answers yes, a second question will ask them to enter their host’s name. Selecting ‘Required’ will skip straight to entering the host’s name. Host selection is activated by default when creating a new location.
    • For visitor pre-registration - the employee who is pre-registering the visitor is asked to select the employee the visitor is meeting. 
  • Disable host remembrance – Forces a returning visitor to enter their host every visit.
  • Host confirmation – Forces a returning visitor to confirm if they’re visiting the same host or someone new.
  • Area/zone selection – The options displayed will be the zones connected to the selected access point. If there’s only one connecting zone, this question will be skipped.
  • Area/zone selection other – Visitor can select ‘other’ to enter their answer in a free text field. This is treated as part of any zone’ in kiosk question rules.

Contact Info - manage which contact details you collect

Capture your visitor’s organization, email address, phone number, mobile phone number, and title/position.

If an organization is entered, the visitor’s details will be remembered for their next visit. If an organization is not entered, they will need to complete the full sign-in process for every visit, including all custom questionnaires.

Record a visitor’s email address and cell phone number to send the visitor notifications using triggers.

Cell phone numbers can be used to send an SMS in an evacuation, verifying the visitor’s safety using OnEvac.


Health and Safety - identify who needs assistance in an emergency

  • Evacuation assistance - Asks if help is needed in an evacuation. 
  • Expected duration on-site - The answer can be used as a trigger to send a notification if someone is past their expected finish time.


New Zealand only

If the NZ Vaccine Pass integration has been enabled for this location, you'll see additional settings in this tab:

  • Vaccine Pass - asks the visitor to verify their vaccine pass during sign in or visitor pre-registration 
  • Frequency - choose how often the visitor will need to verify their pass.
  • Retention Policy - choose how long to store the verification record in OnLocation.
  • Capture Vaccine Pass Data - this field shows if you choose to retain information, select the types of vaccine pass data to include in your reports.
  • Privacy Statement - display a disclaimer on the kiosk and in Sign In/Out Manager.
  • Vaccine Pass Disclaimer - update the default disclaimer text.


Identity Verification - check your visitor’s ID as they enter

A Sign-In/Out Manager must enter ID details. Update the message for visitors signing in using the kiosk, letting them know to present their ID to the Sign-In/Out Manager. 

ID verification – Choose between Off, Manual, and Scan and Capture (if enabled). The following options will then appear:


When ‘manual’ is selected, the visitor needs to present their ID to the Sign In/Out Manager, who will then manually enter their details into the system.

  • ID verification checked -  Requires the Sign In/Out Manager to select Yes or No after the ID has been checked.
  • ID verification reference - Use if an ID reference number needs to be entered, e.g., driver's license number.
  • ID verification type - The Sign-In/Out Manager will be asked to select the type of ID from a list. You can rename the ID types and restrict which are accepted using the Manage Options button. 
  • ID verification frequency - Defines how often a returning visitor’s ID needs to be captured.
  • ID verification retention policy - Enables you to set how long a copy of the visitor’s scanned ID is kept before it is deleted. The retention policy needs to be longer than the ID Verification Frequency to retain the information for a returning visitor. If the ID is deleted before the visitor returns, their ID will need to be captured again.
  • Reception/security instruction - customize the message that appears on the kiosk, asking visitors to hand in their ID for verification. 

Scan and capture

Scan and capture will only appear when the OnScan integration has been enabled for your location. OnScan captures and records a visitor’s ID automatically and requires the OnScan iPhone app to use.

Further to the questions outlined above, there are some additional options:

  • Required for pre-registered visitors - Enable this to force a pre-registered visitor’s ID to be captured on sign in.
  • Capture data fields - Select the information you want to capture from the visitor’s ID. Not all information will be available on all types of ID. If required, any missing information can be entered manually after the scan.
  • Capture ID image parts - Dictates which parts of the ID to retain as an image in OnLocation. All parts of the ID will be scanned, and information can be captured from any area; however, you may not want to store a photo of all information in OnLocation.


Visitor Cards - issue one-off visitor cards

Visitor cards allow you to record card numbers against a visitor’s profile similar to a badge pass. On sign out, the visitor is reminded to return the card. 

The card number can also be used to sign the visitor out instead of entering their name. If the card number is printed as a QR or Barcode, the visitor can scan the card at the kiosk to sign out.

Visitor ID card number - the Sign In/Out manager is prompted to enter the card number issued to a visitor.

Visitor self register - allows a visitor to enter their own card number when signing in on the kiosk.


Photo Capture - add a photo to a visitor’s profile

  • Photo capture - Photo capture will always be required when signing in through a kiosk. The Required setting is only optional when using Sign In/Out Manager.
  • Photo capture frequency - How often a photo of a returning visitor should be taken.
  • Photo retention policy - How long a visitor's photo is to be stored on our servers.
  • Privacy statement - This will display a disclaimer statement below the photo capture field. Automatically applies to all kiosks in a location with Photo Capture enabled.


Alcolizer - breathalyze visitors as they come on-site

You will need to have enabled the Alcolizer integration for your location to see this section.

Include breath test – asks the visitor to take a breath test using the Aloclizer unit during sign in.

Alcolizer screen instruction – Customize the instructions for your location to say where the unit is located, how it should be used, and/or why you require this.


Other options

  • Bypass summary screen - Skip the screen that confirms the visitor's answers when signing in at the kiosk.
  • Visitor privacy – Asks the visitor if they want their details to be remembered for next time.
  • Purpose of visit - You can customize the options in this list using the Manage Options button.
  • Car parking - Check if the visitor is parked in your car park. Enabling this provides further options to request more details.
  • Vehicle registration number or make/model of vehicle - Capture the vehicle details.
  • Vehicle parking space number - Helps to track where visitors are parked.