Create a pandemic acknowledgement notice

Learn how to use the acknowledgment option in the important notices add-on to create a pandemic visitor policy statement that the visitor must acknowledge.

If the visitor signs in on a kiosk, they must acknowledge the statement. If the visitor is signed in by a receptionist, the receptionist reads the statement to the visitor and asks them for their acknowledgment.

Create a new acknowledgment notice

  1. Go to Locations, then select your location from the drop-down.
  2. Select Important Notices.
  3. Click Create a new Notice.
  4. Select Acknowledgment as your notice type.
  5. Enter a notice name (for example "Pandemic Visitor Policy Acknowledgement").
  6. Select Sign In.
  7. Set the publish date for when your notice needs to be live. It will go live at midnight on the date selected, or immediately if you select today's date.
  8. Set the archive date this being the day the Notice is removed from your sign in process
  9. Set the frequency to Each time the person signs in/out during the Published Period
  10. Enter your notice message.
  11. Select Visitors as your audience.
  12. Select Medium or Large as your font size.
  13. Change the default acknowledge button to read I Acknowledge.
  14. Set Response Required when Acknowledged to No.
  15. Change the default Do Not Acknowledge button to read I Do Not Accept.
  16. Click Preview Notice, then make any necessary edits
  17. Click Save.
Next step: Acknowledgments of your pandemic visitor policy acknowledgment notice are visible in the Acknowledgment Notice reports.