Add an ID card print location

Learn how to add or remove an ID card print location. You need the Identity Manager user role to access these settings.

About print locations

Print locations are locations in your account that manage printing ID cards for other locations. When a location needs ID cards printed, they can send a print request to a print location, and the Location Print Managers will be notified. Any location in your account with an ID card printer can be a print location.

Print locations are only required for print requests. If each location in your account prints its own ID cards, you do not need to use print locations.

The Account Owner must turn on the identity management add-on and enable distributed ID card printing before an Administrator can add print locations.

Add a print location

To add a print location:

  1. Go to Tools > Identity Manager.
  2. Select ID Card Print Locations from the left-hand menu.
  3. Under Add a Print Location, type the location name.
  4. Select the location from the list, then click Add.