Customize your OnPass email template

Learn how to customize what information is shown on your OnPass. You can customize the OnPass template for each of your locations. You need the OnPass Manager user role to access these settings.

Customize your OnPass template

To customize the OnPass settings:

  1. Go to Tools > OnPass Manager.
  2. Click View next to your location's OnPass.
  3. Select the relevant tab (see below).
  4. Click Next (to add more details) or Save & Close.

OnPass Manager tabs

Host Details

Add information about the visitor's host to the OnPass including:

  • Name
  • Phone
  • Mobile/Cellphone
  • Email
  • Photo

These details are taken directly from the employee's profile in OnLocation, if a detail is enabled but missing from the profile, that field will not show.

The Office Phone option is a static number set in your OnPass settings. You can use this instead of the host's phone if they don't have an office phone.

Set the options you want to appear to Yes to enable them.


Organization Display Name

Change the organization name added to the OnPass from the account name to a custom entry.

This is especially useful if you have locations which are not referred to by your account name.


Address and Map

Enable Physical Address and/or Include Map, enter your address into the search field, and select from the Google Verified dropdown.

You will need to match the address to the Google Maps dropdown menu to get an accurate map location.

You can edit the address to be more specific after verifying and/or specify how to get there in the Instructions on Arrival tab.


Instructions on Arrival

Add instructions for the visitor to follow when they arrive on-site.

These can direct your visitor to your sign-in/out kiosk, ask them to report to reception, inform them of documentation they will need to produce, or any information that will help your visitors when they get to your location.

This information will appear first in the Instructions section on the OnPass for your pre-registered visitors.


Parking Tips

Provide information about parking in the area.


Guest Wi-Fi

Provide instructions for connecting to the wi-fi network for your guests when they are coming on-site. You may want to include the network name, the password, and any restrictions in this section.


Evacuation Instructions

Provide instructions on your evacuation procedures.


Neighborhood Tips

Add details about the surrounding area for visitors. This is especially useful if you have frequent visitors from out of town.

Enable by toggling to Yes, then click Add Content to add details.



Add a barcode or a QR code to the OnPass that visitors can scan on arrival to sign in quickly. If all of their details have been added during pre-registration they won't need to answer any questions, otherwise, the missing questions will be displayed on the Kiosk for them to answer.

This is not compatible when using a touchless kiosk. If using a touchless kiosk, disable the barcode and QR code options and add Instructions on Arrival instead. 


Automated Sending

If an event is created using the calendar invites integration, or you send visitor pre-registration questionnaire invitations, choose how you'd like to send the OnPass: 

  • Once the Visitor completes their profile
  • As soon as the event is created
  • Do not send automatically



Sending an OnPass to your visitors as soon as you have created an event is a great way to confirm their visit. However, by the time they are due to visit, this OnPass can easily get lost in their inbox. To solve this, you can automatically resend your OnPass as a visit reminder prior to the event up to 3 times.

These settings will apply for all OnPasses sent, if you only want to send reminders to select visitors you can still do this manually through Sign In/Out Manager and My Pre-Registered Visitors.

All time periods are prior to the scheduled visit time. The second reminder must be sent after the first. If you only want one reminder, please set this as the first reminder and leave the second as Does Not Apply.

The OnPass reminder will now be sent automatically for any OnPasses that are originally sent if they are prior to the chosen timings. You can send an OnPass automatically or manually, depending on your OnPass settings. The reminder will not send if no OnPass was originally sent.