Create a custom questionnaire

Find out how to create a custom questionnaire for your location. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings.

Custom questionnaires are a group of custom questions that can be activated to be displayed during your sign in/out process. Custom questions can be used across your kiosks, QR code posters, OnLocation Mobile, Sign In/Out Manager, and during visitor pre-registration.

There are four steps to creating a custom questionnaire:

  1. Create a questionnaire and set the details
  2. Add and configure questions
  3. Preview the questionnaire
  4. Activate the questionnaire
If you'd like to manage custom questionnaires across your locations, check out Global Sign In/Out Questions

Step 1: Create a questionnaire

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Questions.
  3. Select the Custom Questionnaires tab.
  4. Click Create a New Questionnaire.

  5. Enter the questionnaire name. This is the name displayed on the kiosk and OnLocation Mobile.
  6. Set the questionnaire target audience. Each questionnaire can be set for a person type (employee, visitor, or contractor).
  7. Set the frequency you'd like to show the questionnaire.
  8. Click Save.


Step 2: Add and configure custom questions

Add custom questions

Before you start, find out about the types of available questions

To add a question: 

  1. Click Add Question.
  2. Enter the Question/title.
  3. Set the Question type. See below for more details on each question type.
  4. Enter the details based on the question type.
  5. (Optional) Enable Host notification to send the answer to the host in the arrival notification (visitor and contractors only).
  6. (Optional) Enable Compulsory question when an answer is mandatory.
  7. (Optional) Set a Parent question to make the question conditional based on the answer given. 
  8. (Optional) Set a custom Question timeout if you want to change how long the kiosk can stay inactive before cancelling the sign in from the kiosk default. This is useful for longer questions where the respondent may need more time.
  9. (Optional) Set a Question pause time To force the person to stay on the page before they can answer or move on.
  10. Click Save and Close.


Ordering questions

Questions are added in the order they are created. They can be re-ordered at any time. The order in which they are listed is the order in which they will be displayed to the audience.

To re-order the questions:

  1. Click Enable Sorting next to a question. You can only sort questions under the same parent question at one time.
  2. Hold and drag questions to change the order.

  3. Click Finished Sorting next to any question.

Step 3: Previewing custom questionnaire

Before activating your custom questionnaire, we recommend previewing it to ensure it is correct. The preview will show you how the questionnaire looks, and you can test the workflow.

This preview is only for the selected custom questionnaire and you cannot preview a custom questionnaire linked to a QR code poster.

To preview the custom questionnaire:

  1. Click Preview.
  2. Select the type of kiosk you are using: Touch/iPad Kiosk or Standard PC.


The custom questionnaire will open in a new window and you can go through the workflow as often as required. This allows you to run through all conditional workflows.

After the questionnaire is completed, you will receive a summary of the questions and answers. This is for internal use only and is not shown to a respondent.

Step 4: Activate the questionnaire

There are two types of workflows for activating the questionnaire: sign in/out and inter-zone.

Custom questionnaires for:

  • Sign in/out can be activated from the questionnaire setup or list of questionnaires.
  • Inter-zone must be activated in the kiosk setup to specify which zone should display the questionnaire.

Sign in/out questionnaire

To activate a questionnaire for sign in/out:

  1. Click the current status.
  2. Click Activate.

  3. Select where you want the questionnaire to appear, then click Save.


You can also activate questionnaires from the questionnaire list. Click on the status and follow the same steps as above.

Any changes will be applied immediately.

Inter-zone questionnaire

Before activating the custom questionnaire, you need to have an inter-zone kiosk set up in your account. 

To activate a questionnaire for inter-zone movements, set up question rules in the kiosk settings. First, set the zone movements where you want to display the questionnaire, then activate the questionnaire.

These instructions assume you have not yet set up question rules in your kiosk. If you have, skip steps 5-7.

  1. Save your questionnaire and return to the questionnaire list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click View next to your inter-zone kiosk.
  4. Select the Question Rules tab.
  5. Click Add Rule.
  6. Set the From field to the zone people are coming from.
  7. Set the To field to the zone people are entering.
  8. Click View on your rule.
  9. Drag your questionnaire from the Available pool to the Enabled at this Kiosk pool. If you have multiple questionnaires, you can sort them by clicking and dragging within the pool.

  10. (Optional) If you want to set up questionnaires for multiple zone movements, repeat steps 5-9.
  11. Click Save and Close.