Assign a user role to an employee

Learn how to assign a user role to an employee. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings.

How it works

There is a range of user roles available to assign to your employees. The type of user role to assign will depend on which features they need to access.

Any Administrator can assign an employee user roles relevant to their location, including making them an Administrator. Most user roles have different levels of access built into that role. For example, an Administrator can be a Global Administrator or a Limited Administrator.

An Administrator can only assign user roles to areas that they have access to. If you have limited access, you can only grant access to limited areas.

To see all of the available user roles, the Account Owner must enable the relevant add-ons first. 

Assign a user role

  1. Go to Tools > User Roles.
  2. Find the relevant employee using the search fields.
  3. Click Manage Roles next to the employee.

  4. Select the user roles you want to assign (and the level of access if relevant).
  5. Click Assign Roles.

  6. If the employee does not yet have access to MRI OnLocation, select the check box next to the person's name.
  7. Select Send Login Permission Email from the Run Action menu.

  8. Click Run Action.

The employee's status will be Pending. Once they log in, their status will be Active.

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