Reporting on inactive locations

With the People Presence report, you can access data for locations that have been made inactive in the last 90 days. Only employees with the Reports Manager user role can access reports.

About the report

You can't access inactive locations in MRI OnLocation unless the Account Owner signs up to a new pricing plan. However, the sign in/out records for the location are available in the People Presence report for 90 days after the location was made inactive.

The People Presence report includes the details of anyone who has signed into your location. You can set up the report to include the exact information you need to access:

  • Data Source – Choose between visitors, contractors, or employees
  • Report Period – Select the time period you’d like to view
  • Filter by Search Query – Search for a name or organization
  • Custom Filters – Filter by a basic question, sign-in mode, or zone visited
If you need to access any of this data in the future, export the report using the broadest date range required. After 90 days, this data will no longer be visible in the People Presence report.

Access the report

  1. Go to Reporting > People Presence.
  2. Click the location name, then click the advanced icon.

  3. Select the checkbox next to Show inactive locations, then select the inactive location.

  4. Select the data source (person type), report period, and any filters to narrow the data.
  5. Click View Report.
  6. Click Export Report, then click Export as CSV file or Export as PDF file to save a copy of the report.

Next step: If you need to make a location active again, go to Locations, then click Manage Locations. Search for the inactive location, click the checkbox next to it, and use the run action menu to make it active.