Book a desk or workspace while signing in

Find out how to book a workspace while signing in on a kiosk, Sign In/Out Manager, and OnLocation Mobile. 

About workspace selection

If the Desks and Spaces add-on is enabled, employees can choose a workspace while signing in on a kiosk, with Sign In/Out Manager, or on OnLocation Mobile. These methods are activated in Sign In/Out Questions.

Employees can choose a zone, then select a workspace. They can view the floor plan so they know where the space is located. On kiosks and OnLocation Mobile, they can tap the image to expand the floor plan and zoom in.

When they sign out, they'll be asked if they'd like to keep their workspace booking. This means that if they leave the location temporarily, they can use the same workspace when they sign back in (for the duration of the booking).

If your employees need to book workspaces in advance, set up the Employee Scheduling add-on. Employees can use OnLocation Mobile to make full-day or hourly bookings before they come on-site.

Book a workspace

Sign in/out kiosk

To sign in and select a workspace on a kiosk: 

  1. Enter your name.
  2. Choose the zone you'd like to work in.

  3. Select a workspace. Tap the floorplan if you need to zoom in to check the space number.

  4. Complete any basic or custom questions.
  5. Check the sign in summary, then tap Proceed to finish.

When they sign out, the employee will be asked if they would like to keep their workspace booking(s):


Sign In/Out Manager

Only employees with the Sign In/Out Manager user role have access to this feature.

To sign in an employee and select a workspace for them: 

  1. Go to Tools > Sign In/Out Manager.
  2. Click Sign Out.
  3. Select the location and access point.
  4. Select the Employees tab.

    If you have scheduling enabled, you'll see several tabs that display when employees have booked to be on-site.

    If you're only using the Desk and Spaces add-on, you'll see a single list of all employees without the Scheduled For and Space columns.
  5. Click Sign In next to an employee’s name.

  6. Select the zone and workspace, then click Next.

  7. Answer any basic or custom questions, then click Sign In.

On sign out, you'll be asked if you want to keep the workspace for the remainder of your booking.

OnLocation Mobile

To book a workspace while signing in manually on OnLocation Mobile: 

  1. Tap Sign In.

  2. Choose the zone you'd like to work in, then tap Confirm.

  3. Choose an available workspace, then tap Confirm.

  4. Answer any additional basic and custom questions.

  5. Check your sign in summary. You can edit the zone and workspace selection if required. 


When you sign out of the location, you can opt to keep your booking by tapping Keep my workspaces


Next step: Use the People Presence report to see which zones and spaces employees are using in your location.