Set up the SCORM Cloud integration

Learn how to enable the SCORM Cloud integration. You need the Account Owner or IT Support user role to access these settings in MRI OnLocation.

Before you start

Before you can set up the integration, make sure you have:

Enable the integration in OnLocation

Once your SCORM Cloud account is set up and you’ve uploaded your course, set up the integration in OnLocation:

  1. Log in to OnLocation.
  2. Go to Tools > Account.
  3. Select Integrations from the left-side menu.
  4. Click SCORM Cloud.
  5. Click Enable, then click Confirm to activate the integration.

  6. Next to SCORM Cloud, click Manage Settings.
  7. Enter your SCORM Cloud App ID and Secret Key. These are available in the OnLocation application screen in SCORM Cloud.
  8. To test the connection with your device, click Test Connection. If it’s successful, you’ll see a message that the connection is successful.

  9. Click Save, then click Back to Integrations.
Next step: Add your induction course in OnLocation.