How to pre-register Visitors from your Calendar

In this article we cover how to create your calendar meeting, what it looks like and some other handy hints to get you up and running.

Step 1: Create your Calendar Meeting

Step 2: How WhosOnLocation Creates the Event

Step 3: Attendee Email Confirmation

Step 4: Editing your Calendar Event


Step 1: Create your Calendar Meeting

In order to create a pre-registration from your calendar, create a new meeting and simply add attendees and invite 

  1. Open your calendar. Create your visitor or meeting event - schedule the date, time, event name, etc.
  2. Add your attendees. You can have a mix of attendees from within and outside of your organization.
  3. Add as an attendee. 

Outlook Calendar Example

Google Calendar Example

Step 2: How WhosOnLocation Creates the Pre-registration event

When WhosOnLocation receives the Calendar invite, this will automatically create the visit event in your home location and apply the date/time you setup in your Calendar, and with you as host.

How it works

  • WhosOnLocation will recognize the 'sender' (the employee that sent it to us) from their email address.
  • WhosOnLocation will automatically create a pre-registration event.

Your list of attendees may include a mix of colleagues and external visitors. If an Attendee's email address is not listed as an employee in your WhosOnLocation account, the Calendar Invites rules apply and will assume it is a 'visitor' as opposed to being an employee, and consequently add them as visitors in the pre-registration event in your WhosOnLocation account.

Note: Account Owners can also exclude meeting rooms and other resources added to your invite from being included as pre-registered visitors by adding the email address of the meeting room or resource to the 'Email Exclusions' box in the Calendar Invites settings under Integrations.

Your Pre-registration Event, complete with visitor/attendee names will appear in your WhosOnLocation account visible to you and your Receptionist; however some key visitor information may be missing which we address in the next step.

WhosOnLocation Pre-registration Summary Screen Example

Step 3: Attendee Email Confirmation

WhosOnLocation will send an email to each Visitor with a link asking them to complete their Visitor Profile (Full Name, Organization Name, and any basic questions you have enabled).

When pre-registering a visitor in WhosOnLocation the visitor's name, and where they are from (e.g. organization name) are mandatory. Because your Calendar only sends the attendee's email address, it will require the attendee to complete the missing information.

How does it do this? 

Once WhosOnLocation receives the Calendar Invite email the visitor will automatically be sent a Visitor Pre-Registration Confirmation via email.


  • The Visitor / Attendee selects the Visitor Profile link.
  • They are taken to your organization's Visitor Portal and the unique page displayed will be specific to that Calendar Event.

The screen will display:

- The Name of the Organization that sent the Calendar Event
- The subject of the Calendar Event
- The Date and Time of the Event
- The Name of the Location

There is also a clear instruction which reads: 'Please complete / update your Visitor Profile' and select 'Save'.


The Visitor completes any of the missing 'required' fields and any additional 'optional' fields and 'Saves'. Selecting Save takes the Visitor to a screen which displays the following message:


Thank you for verifying your {Organization Name} Visitor Profile. You have been pre-registered to visit us on {Calendar Event Date} at {Calendar Event Time}. When you arrive onsite please sign in using your name at the visitor kiosk or, if a receptionist is available, present yourself to them.


Step 4: Editing your Calendar Event

Lets look at how to automatically sync any changes you make to your calendar event with WhosOnLocation.

Change event time or date

The pre-registered visitor event will automatically update within WhosOnLocation to reflect time or date changes made on your calendar. Simple. Easy. Efficient. 

Adding new Attendees after the initial Attendees were invited

If you add any new visitors to an existing event they will be invited via your calendar, but this alone will not inform WhosOnLocation that they have been added, and therefore will not update the event in WhosOnLocation or send a Visitor Portal link to the new guest.

In order to inform WhosOnLocation of any new guests to your calendar event, you will need to also make a change to the details of the event and send an update to all guests. This will prompt WhosOnLocation to check the event for any changes including new guests and reflect this in WhosOnLocation.

How to inform WhosOnLocation of added guests depends on your calendar:

For Outlook

1. Add your new guests in your calendar event

2. Make a small update to the event (e.g. adding 'updated' to the title, adding a note in the description, etc.)

3. Click Send

For Google Calendar

1. Add your new guests in your calendar event

2. Make a small update to the event (e.g. adding 'updated' to the title, adding a note in the description, etc.)

3. Click Save

4. Click Invite external guests

5. Click Send

Removing an Attendee

When removing an attendee from your Calendar, because as well as other attendees are not notified (a workflow dictated by Calendars - not WhosOnLocation) then the removed attendee won't be removed from the list of pre-registered visitors in WhosOnLocation.

To resolve this you can either:

  1. Log on to WhosOnLocation account and go to the Pre-registered visitor event and remove them manually or;
  2. Ask the receptionist to logon to their WhosOnLocation account and remove the visitor/attendee or:
  3. Do nothing. Once the date has passed for the Calendar meeting the pre-registered attendee visitor that did not show will simply be recorded as a 'did not sign in'.

Deleting a Calendar Event

When cancelling or deleting a Calendar event in your Calendar, as long as all attendees are notified WhosOnLocaiton will also remove the pre-registered event from your account.

Tip: Also send the WolPass for added value from your WhosOnLocation automatically.
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