Pre-register visitors using a calendar invite

Find how to pre-register visitors using the calendar invites integration. There are three steps: add the meeting invite, WhosOnlocation sends the attendees an email confirmation, the visitor then completes their profile. 

Step 1: Add the invite to your calendar

If you have enabled the calendar invites integration, you can pre-register visitors while adding a calendar invite: 

  1. Open your Google or Outlook calendar.
  2. Create your meeting event and complete all the details.
  3. Add your attendees. 
  4. Add as an attendee. 
  5. Send the invite. 

Step 2: WhosOnLocation creates an event

When WhosOnLocation receives the calendar invite, it will automatically create the visit event in your home location and apply the date/time you set up in your calendar and with you as host. WhosOnLocation will also:

  • Recognize the sender from their email address
  • Automatically create a pre-registration event
  • If an attendee's email address is not listed as an employee, WhosOnLocation will add them as a pre-registered visitor
  • If there are multiple external attendees, WhosOnLocation will create a group of visitors 

The pre-registered visitors will be sent an event confirmation email asking them to complete their visitor profile. 

Your pre-registration event will appear in your WhosOnLocation account visible to you and your Sign In/Out Managers.

Step 3: Visitor completes their profile 

When pre-registering a visitor in WhosOnLocation, the visitor's name and where they are from are mandatory. Because your calendar only sends the attendee's email address, it will require the attendee to complete the missing information. WhosOnLocation sends an email to each visitor with a link asking them to complete their visitor profile.

The example below is for an organization that has turned on visitor pre-registration questionnaire invitations

The questions included in the profile will depend on what has been activated by your administrator. You may just have a set of basic questions, or a custom questionnaire may be required for pre-visit screening. 

The visitor needs to: 

  1. Click Complete your profile.

  2. Check the event details and instructions, then click Next

  3. Answer any basic questions, including their name and where they are from. Click Next.

  4. (Only if activated) Answer any custom questions, then click Next.

  5. Check that their details are correct, then click Save.

If an attendee declines the invitation, only the person who sent the calendar invite will be notified. You'll need to log into WhosOnLocation to remove them from the event. 

Update a calendar event

Change event time or date

If you make any changes directly in your calendar, the pre-registered visitor event will automatically update within WhosOnLocation.

Add new attendees to the invite

If you add any new visitors to an existing calendar event, they are invited through your calendar. This will not automatically update the event in WhosOnLocation, and they will not receive a link to their visitor profile.

To ensure that the event in WhosOnLocation is updated, make a change to the event's details and send an update to all guests. This will prompt WhosOnLocation to check the event for any changes, including new guests.

Remove an attendee

If you remove an attendee from your calendar invite, they aren't automatically removed from the list of pre-registered visitors in WhosOnLocation.

You or a Sign In/Out Manager can update the event by logging into WhosOnLocation and removing the pre-registered visitor, or you can leave them attached to the event, and they won't be signed in on the day. 

Delete an event

When you delete a calendar event, all attendees are notified, and WhosOnLocation will remove the pre-registered event from your account.