Add an induction kiosk

Learn how to set it up an induction kiosk. You must have the Induction Manager user role to access these settings.

How it works

An induction kiosk is used so your employees or contractors can sit induction courses before signing into your location. 

This is separate from a sign in/out kiosk that's used to enter or exit your location. The induction kiosk is used only for induction courses.

To add a kiosk, choose who can use the kiosk, set up kiosk notifications, and apply your branding. 

Add an induction kiosk

Step 1: Add a kiosk

To set up your induction kiosk:

  1. Go to Tools > Induction Management.
  2. Select Induction Kiosks from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click Add an Induction Kiosk.

  4. Select the location. This is the location where the kiosk will be located. 
  5. Give your kiosk a unique name. If you intend on deploying more than one induction kiosk, make sure these kiosks are distinguishable. 
  6. Assign your kiosk an access point within your location. The access point is where the kiosk is physically located in your location.
  7. Select the type of kiosk:

    Standard PC with keyboard and mouse - Any Windows-based PC or Mac can be used.

    Touch screen PC - A touch-enabled windows tablet or PC. You can still have a keyboard and mouse connected.

    iPad - An iPad running on the current iOS version must have the OnLocation Kiosk app installed.
  8. Set the auto time-out and countdown settings. To ensure contractor and employee data privacy, the induction will timeout and return to the home screen after no activity has registered for this length of time.
  9. Give your kiosk a unique login email address. This does not need to be a registered email address, but it should match your organization's employee email domains.
  10. Give your kiosk a unique password, then re-enter the password to confirm it.
  11. Enter a four-digit PIN that will be used to access the kiosk settings from within the kiosk and to log out.
  12. Click Next.


Step 2: Configure the kiosk mode

The kiosk mode refers to the types of learners that can sit inductions. Choose employees, contractors, or both.

If you do not see contractors as an option, the add-on has not yet been enabled for your account.

To set the kiosk mode:

  1. Select the Kiosk Mode tab.
  2. Select the learners that can complete courses using this kiosk.
  3. Click Next.


Step 3: Set up kiosk status notifications

Status notifications are sent when the kiosk has gone offline or comes online:

  • Offline notifications inform selected users when the kiosk goes offline for longer than a set period. This ensures that someone can respond quickly if the kiosk loses its internet connection or is logged out.
  • Online notifications inform users when the kiosk comes online. This is useful if there is a drop in connectivity for the kiosk and it comes back online before a response is needed. 

To add status notifications:

  1. Select the Status Notifications tab.
  2. Select the check boxes next to Send Offline Notifications and Send Online Notifications.
  3. Choose the offline time-out settings. This sets the number of minutes a kiosk must be offline before the status notification is sent.
  4. Choose who to send the notification to:

    Send to this Employee:
    Select an employee from the list. You can choose any employee based at the location or any employee with global roaming rights to the location. You can add up to three employees.

    Send to this Non-Employee:
    You can enter the email address and mobile number of someone not set up in your employee list.
  5. Chose the type of notification to send: email or SMS. Check that the contact information listed in their profile is complete. 
  6. Click Next.



Step 4: Choose your contractor help settings

If your induction kiosk is for contractors, the help option sends a message to chosen users when a contractor is having issues using your kiosk. This allows contractors to use the kiosk unattended but still reach out if they require assistance.

To confirm these settings: 

  1. Select the Contractor Help tab.
  2. Enter the recipients of the help notifications:

    Send to this Employee: Select an employee from the list. You can choose any employee based at the location or any employee with global roaming rights to the location. You can add up to 3 employees.

    Send to this Non-Employee: You can enter the email address and mobile number of someone not set up in your employee list.
  3. Click Save.


Kiosk experience

When a contractor is using the kiosk, they can tap Help to show these options:


If the contractor taps I can't find my name, they'll see this message:


They can choose to either tap:

  • Let me try again to reenter their name
  • Can someone contact me to provide their contact details 


They can enter either their mobile number or email address. This will be included in the message sent to the help contact.

The contractor then clicks Contact Me and is shown this message:


The message sent to the contact by email is:


Step 5: Update the layout and branding

Update the layout settings to customize your induction kiosk. You can upload a company logo or background image and change the default message on the kiosk.

Update the following settings:

  • Organization Name - This will appear if there is no logo added to the kiosk
  • Organization Name Color - The color your organization name will appear in
  • Start Induction Button Color - The color of the kiosk's button
  • Start Induction Text Color - The color of the text on the kiosk's button
  • Start Induction Rename - The text on the kiosk's button
  • Information / Instruction - Information you want to appear under the kiosk's button
  • Contractor Name - The name that contractors are called on your kiosk
  • Employee Name - The name that employees are called on your kiosk
  • Information / Instruction Color - The color of the information text
  • Information / Instruction Scroll - Select if you want the information to scroll across the screen
  • Information / Instruction Add Banner - Select if you want a dark opaque banner to appear across the screen under the button and information
  • Logo - Upload a logo from your computer for your kiosk
  • Background Images - Upload an image that will form the background of your kiosk. If you upload more than one image, these will cycle through every 30 seconds.

Click Preview Kiosk to check your changes. The kiosk may display differently on different devices and screen sizes.

Click Save and Close.


Next step: Log in to the induction kiosk using the credentials you added in step 2. Your employees and contractors will then be able to access the course on your kiosk.