Setting up a Dashboard

How to setup a Dashboard for one or many locations. You must have the Administrator user role to set up a Dashboard.

You can set up a Dashboard which shows information about the people who are currently signed into your location at various levels. You can also set this dashboard to show information about a group of locations or all locations.

Setting up a Dashboard

Sign into WhosOnLocation as an Administrator, then:

1. Go to Tools > Locations

2. Click View for your location

3. Select Dashboards from the left-hand menu


4. Click Add a new Dashboard

5. Enter the Dashboard Name

6. Select the Dashboard Mode

You can choose between this location only, all locations, or locations in the same location group as this one (for the location’s group, please see the Location List).

7. Select the Theme Color of the dashboard

The default for this is the account’s theme color. Click Preview Theme to see what your chosen color will look like.


8. Select the Stats Screen Options tab

9. Choose which options to include – see below for more details

10. Select the People Screen Options tab

11. Choose which options to include – see below for more details

12. Select the GeoMap Screen Options tab

13. Choose whether or not to include this option – see below for more details

14. Click Save and Close to return to the Dashboard list
Or click Save and Add Another to create a new Dashboard

Stats Screen Options

The stats screen appears as an overview of numbers of different people types currently on-site, or, for employees, off-site as well. You can also see any Acknowledgment Notices for that location.


  • Include Stats Screen – Needs to be set to Yes to show the screen at all. This screen will always show the time and date of the location, the total number of people on-site now, and how many of those people require evacuation assistance
  • Visitors On-site – Shows the number of visitors currently signed in, the total number of visitors this week, month, and year, and the visitors still due today
  • Employees On-site
  • Employee Working Remotely
  • Employees Off-site
  • Service Providers
  • Acknowledgment Notices – Scrolls through currently active acknowledgment notices for this location

People Screen Options

The people screens show the details of various people types including who they are, the organization they are from, when they signed in, and what access point they signed in through.

Each person type gets their own pages and each page displays up to 10 people. If you have more than 10 of one person type, the dashboard will scroll through the multiple screens of that person type until all have been displayed before moving on to the next person type.


  • Include People Screen – Needs to be set to Yes to show the screen at all. People screens will only display if other options are selected.
  • Visitors On-site
  • Employees On-site
  • Employees Working Remotely
  • Employees Off-site
  • Service Providers

GeoMap Screen Options

Toggle your GeoLocation Map of employees and service providers on and off. The GeoLocation information is taken when employees and service providers sign in using WolMobile and send their location. This option will display a map of the area your employees and service providers are signed into using their location from WolMobile.


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