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Introduction: Acknowledgement Notices

In this article we introduce you to Acknowledgement Notices. Only an Administrator can create an Acknowledgement Notice.

From time to time there may be a need to issue a notice informing people of a specific new hazard that has just occurred, or an event that is happening today or tomorrow.

It may only affect people on-site for that day, the next 48 hours, or longer but either way the hazard or event is only temporary. You may also need to track if people acknowledged their understanding of the notice for audit purposes.

What is an Acknowledgment Notice

Acknowledgement Notices can be created and presented to people as they sign into or out of your organisation’s locations. Notices can be:

  • Targeted to a specific audience as they sign into the location
  • Have an expiry date (a published period)
  • And have their 'acknowledgements' recorded for auditing

Examples of An Acknowledgement Notice when people are signing in or out:

  • Informing people of a 'hazard'
  • Informing people of a planned event to occur that day on-site
  • Informing people of a change in a 'condition' on-site
Note: The Visitor Questionnaire and the Welcome Greeting tend to be static elements of your visitor policy in that you would not often change them. You can, and many users do change their Welcome Greeting from time to time, but it is more common for these elements to remain static for months and sometimes years.

The Acknowledgment Notice is dynamic. It’s a “hey you need to know this for today” type message that only applies for a ‘set period’ – Acknowledgment Notices compliment your Welcome Greeting and/or your Questionnaire.

What are the elements of an Acknowledgement Notice?
An Acknowledgement Notice consists of 8 user defined elements:

1. Notice Number: Sequentially created by system (start at 1 and increment from there)

2. Notice Name: (a 35 character limit name)

3. Notice Message: (memo box for entering your notice limit 750 character)

4: Display Notice On: This can be set to 'Sign In' or 'Sign Out'

5. Audience: (Employees, Visitors, Service Provider Members). User selects one, many, or all.

6. Publish Date: Date Message should be published (this is the date of the location’s time zone) (System Rule: Notice will be Published at 12:01am on day selected or immediately if Today selected and this time has passed)

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Calendar Date Picker

7. Archive Date: Date Notice should be Archived. This is the date of the location’s time zone. (System Rule: Notice Archived at 12:00pm (midnight) on day selected)

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • Calendar Date Picker

8. Frequency (of Acknowledgement Required):

  • Once Only During Published Period (meaning the person only has to acknowledge the notice once during the Published period)
  • Each time the person signs in during the Published Period. (meaning the person must acknowledge the notice every time they sign in during the Published period)

There are also 2 system auto-completed fields accessible through reporting:

  1. Name of User who Created the Acknowledgement Notice
  2. Date Acknowledgement Notice Created. (User’s Location Date and time)


How do people Acknowledge a Notice?
Depending on the Audience, Publish and Archive date, and Frequency settings then the Acknowledgement Notice is displayed:

  • To Sign In/Out Managers whenever they sign in a person during the Published Period. The Sign In/Out Manager reads the Notice to the person and selects Acknowledged to record the fact the person accepted the notice.
  • To Service Providers, Employees, and/or Visitors as they sign in on a Kiosk.
  • On the WolMobile app when the user signs-in.




Question: How are Notice ID’s generated?

Answer: Notice ID’s are incrementally created by the system starting at ‘1’ for each Customer Account.


Question: Can a location have more than one currently published Acknowledgement Notice.

Answer: Yes


Question: Can An Acknowledgement Notice be published across multiple locations.

Answer:  Not Yet but coming. For now you must create the Notice at the location level.


Question: If a person (employee, visitor, or service provider member) is presented with one or many Acknowledgement Notices do they acknowledge each one individually or all as a group of Notices?

Answer: Individually. So that there is a clear audit record for each Acknowledgement Notice.


Question: When An Acknowledgement Notice is ‘acknowledged’ by a person (employee, visitor, or service provider member) are they presented with that same Acknowledgement Notice every time they sign in.

Answer:  This depends on the Frequency Setting for the specific Notice.


Question: Can you ‘un-publish’ and/or ‘edit’ a published Acknowledgement Notice.

Answer: Yes, you can edit a Notice and simply change the Publish Date. You can also Delete a Notice and the following rules will apply:
1) If the Notice has never been acknowledged by a person on sign-in it will be deleted.
2) If the Notice has 1 or more acknowledgements it will be archived instead of being deleted.


Question: What happens if I Publish a Notice say for Today, then several people Acknowledge that Notice in the morning and then I think “oh that was supposed to be published tomorrow not today – I better change the Publish Date to tomorrow?

Answer: If you change the Publish Date AFTER it has Acknowledgments recorded, the system stores any captured acknowledgements for reporting and then auto-creates a new Notice (albeit that it is exactly the same as the original one) but with a different Publish Date and new Notice ID.


Question: Does the customer account record who acknowledged the Acknowledgement Notice so that we can run reports on whether or not a person accepted that they understood the Acknowledgement Notice?

Answer: Yes; you can access the Acknowledgement Notice Audit Report under Reports.

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