Introduction: Dashboards

A Dashboard is an easy to read, real-time summary of information displaying key people presence data at a given location. If you have a requirement to know how many people are on-site, whether they are visitors, employees, or service providers like contractors; a dashboard is a great way to display critical people presence metrics and data.

Note: Dashboards is an add-on and must be activated by the account owner before use. To activate the add-on, go to Tools > Account > Add-on Management, click Yes for the add-on and click Save. Only an administrator can create a Dashboard.

A Dashboard can display 4 types of information with each type being optional to show or hide and each option in itself having sub sub-options to choose from:


The Stats screen displays summary data about the number of people on-site now including:

  • Visitors (regardless of whether your visitors sign-in on a kiosk or via a Sign In/Out manager, the total number of visitors on-site now, in the selected location, will be displayed).
  • Employees (this option presumes your employees are tagging on and off-site using any of the employee attendance and presence management options).
  • Service Providers (contractors) assuming you have the Service Provider Management Add-on activated.

The Stats screen can also display Acknowledgement Notices like Hazard Warnings in the footer of the Stats screen (this option assumes you have the Acknowledgement Notices Add-on activated and a Notice Published).


The People Screen Options allows you display a scrolling list of visitors, employees, and service provider names that are on-site now. So where the Stats screen only shows 'total numbers' the People Screen literally lists them by name.


The GeoMap allows you to include a Google map displaying the locations of any employee or service provider who has updated their GeoLocation using the WolMobile app on their phone in the last 48 hours. This feature requires the WolMobile Add-on to be activated.



Question: How many dashboards can we have?

Answer: Unlimited. You can have as many dashboards as you like.


Question: How many locations can a dashboard display?

Answer: Unlimited but only one location at a time. You can have a dashboard display the people presence information for a specific location for a set period of time, then it will display the next location and so on before restarting the cycle again.


Question: So we have 30 locations worldwide. 2 corporate sites (a Head Office in LA, and an Asia Pacific Regional Office in Singapore), 15 warehouse and logistic centres10 sales offices, and 3 call centres (one in London, Sydney, and San Francisco respectively). Can Head Office have a dashboard cycling through each of the 30 locations, but our facilities team in the Operations group have a dashboard setup displaying only the 15 warehouse and logistic centres?

Answer: Yes. You can configure any dashboard to cycle through 1, some, or all locations.


Question: Where is the date and time displayed on the left side of the dashboard screen taken from?

Answer: This is the current date and time at the location being displayed.


Question: So what hardware is required to display a dashboard?

Answer: WhosOnLocation is a cloud application accessible from an internet browser. A dashboard would be a large PC screen, connected to the internet, with the dashboard URL address saved as the Home screen for the browser.

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