Introduction: WolPass



WolPass enables your employees to send pre-registered visitors an email confirmation. This includes date, time and location of the event, directions and a Google map of the address, parking tips, Wi-Fi availability and much more all in one convenient email. To improve the visitor experience you can also add neighborhood tips to your WolPass template. 

Pre-registering visitors

Pre-registration of visitors is a built-in feature of every WhosOnLocation account. The pre-registration feature allows your users to:

Activate WolPass

WolPass Administrators can setup a customized WolPass email for each location in your account. Once the WolPass is enabled, your employees can select if they want to send the email to the guest when completing a pre-registration or to not send it.

On receipt of the WolPass, visitors can add the meeting event to their calendar, view meeting details and any neighbourhood tips.

Information included in a WolPass

WolPass content is chosen by your WolPass Administrator. They set up the content for all email confirmations for a specific location.

A basic WolPass can include:

  • Date and Time of Visit
  • Host Name
  • Host Contact Details
  • Location of Visit

A WolPass can also include additional information:

  • Address and Map of the location
  • On Arrival Instructions
  • Car Parking tips
  • Guest Wi-Fi Instructions
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Neighborhood Tips like accommodation recommendations, airport details, local dining and coffee shops, taxi numbers
  • QR or Barcode for quick sign-in/out
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