Introduction: WolPass

Send pre-registered visitors a WolPass email confirmation. Customize the information that is shown in the WolPass and enable it for specific locations. 


Information included in a WolPass

Your WolPass Manager chooses the content for email confirmations for a specific location. 

A basic WolPass can include:

  • Date and Time of Visit
  • Host Name
  • Host Contact Details
  • Location of Visit

A WolPass can also include additional information:

  • Address and Map of the location
  • On Arrival Instructions
  • Car Parking tips
  • Guest Wi-Fi Instructions
  • Evacuation Procedures
  • Neighborhood Tips like accommodation recommendations, airport details, local dining and coffee shops, taxi numbers
  • QR or Barcode - visitors can use this to scan in and out either via a mobile device or by printing off the WolPass.

On receipt of the WolPass, visitors can add the meeting event to their calendar, view meeting details, and any neighborhood tips.

WolPasses are sent using your location's default language. To change the default language, your Account Owner must enable the multi-language add-on.

Set up WolPass

To send WolPass email confirmations:

  1. Your Account Owner must enable the WolPass add-on in the account settings.
  2. Assign the WolPass Manager user role to the employee who will manage the WolPass settings.
  3. Activate WolPass for each of your locations. 
  4. Set up the WolPass email template
  5. (Optional) Set up visitor pre-registration questionnaire invitations and/or the calendar invites integration to send your WolPasses automatically. 
Next step: Employees can now send WolPass to their guest when completing visitor pre-registration.