Configure the settings for your sign in/out kiosk

Configure the kiosk settings for a sign in/out kiosk. You must have the Administrator user role to access these settings.

About the kiosk Settings tab

The kiosk Settings tab is the first tab in the setup process and includes the following settings:

Access the kiosk Settings tab

  1. Go to Locations, then select your location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks.
  3. Click View next to your kiosk.
  4. Configure your settings (see below).
  5. Click Next or Save & Close.

  6. Click Next

Kiosk details

Kiosk name

Each kiosk should have a unique name that is easily identifiable. If you have multiple kiosks in your location, you need to distinguish them by name.

Access point

The access point is where in your location that the kiosk is situated, e.g. main reception, warehouse entrance. The access point can either be standard or inter-zone. You'll choose this setting while adding your access points and zones. The type of access point determines the type of kiosk and the settings available to configure.

You should use a different access point for every kiosk to accurately identify the kiosk used on sign in/out in the People Presence report.

Kiosk device

Select the type of device the kiosk is to be run on. Each device type has unique settings associated with it.

Standard PC with keyboard and mouse

This is a regular PC, not a touch screen, so no on-board keyboard will be displayed when it is selected. Because standard PCs have more screen space available without having an on-screen keyboard, you have the option to display multiple questions on one page or for every question to have its own page. Display options include:

  • Display for Basic Questions – Separate screen will have every question on a different screen. All in one screen will have all the questions in each section of the basic questions, e.g. all contact info questions, on one page.
  • Display for Custom Questions – Separate screen will have every question on a separate page/ All in one screen will have all questions from each custom questionnaire displayed on one page, if some questions are displayed conditionally, they will appear after their parent question is answered.

Touch screen PC

This is a windows-based device using a touch screen and required an on-screen keyboard to use. These are usually tablets but can sometimes be full touch screen monitors.

Under Keyboard layout, click Manage Layouts to select your preferred layouts to use for your on-screen keyboard and the default keyboard. Layouts match the most commonly used keyboard for the languages listed, e.g. the French layout is for the standard keyboard in France.


This is an iPad kiosk using the MRI OnLocation Kiosk app. 

Find out more about setting up an iPad kiosk

QR code poster

This option produces a PDF poster with a QR code that you can display in your location. It's a touchless option, where employees, contractors, and visitors can scan it with their smartphone, then sign in on their device.

Find out more about how to set up a QR code poster


Kiosk login

Login email address

The email address used to log into the kiosk. This does not need to be an actual email address, it only needs to be in the email format, e.g., It must be unique.

It does not need to be an actual email address because it will never receive emails as the password is reset from the kiosk settings. It is simply used as a unique identifier for the kiosk.

Password and PIN

The password is used to log into the kiosk. This is subject to the password strength rules set in your account settings. Enter this twice to confirm.

The PIN is used on the kiosk to access the kiosk settings, manually print passes, reset the print count, and log out of the kiosk.

The PIN must be between 4 and 20 digits and must not include repeating numbers, consecutive numbers, or a repetitive pattern. 

Advanced settings

Kiosk camera scan 

Scan the QR code on OnPasses, tokens, and badge passes using the front-facing camera on a kiosk.

Select the Enable Kiosk Camera Scan checkbox to enable this setting.

Find out more about using kiosk camera scan.

Auto timeout and countdown

If there has been no activity on the kiosk for a specified amount of time, the kiosk will return to the home screen. 

You must have a time set for security reasons. You can choose between 30 seconds and four minutes. 

Employee list privacy

Choose how your employee host list is displayed. The drop-down list option is not available for iPad kiosk devices. For other devices, there are two ways to display this list:

  • Drop-down list – A drop-down list generates all possible results when the set character threshold is met. You can set this to one or three characters. The list will refine as the guest types in their host’s name until it is selected from the options displayed.
  • Prompt to view list – A list will show when a result has been found after the set character threshold is met. You can set this to one or three characters or an exact match:
    • If there is only one possible result, it will display that result for selection.
    • If there are multiple results, the guest can click the results indicator to see a list of all matches.
    • If they continue to type, it will narrow down the list until the indicator is selected.
Next step: If you're setting up this kiosk for the first time, click Next to choose who can sign in/out on this kiosk.