Introduction: Multi-language

Your kiosk, receptionist, or security guards are the first point of contact for visitors coming into your workplace. As with any first meeting, it’s essential to create a good experience and first impression. You can now enhance your sign-in experience further by offering your visitors the ability to sign in using their native language.

The multi-language add-on gives your visitors, contractors, and/or employees the ability to easily sign in using their preferred language. Your receptionists or security guards can also change the language used in the Sign In/Out Manager so they can sign in visitors in their preferred language.

Guest arrival notifications (email, push, and SMS) will also send in your location’s default language.


We currently support the following languages:

Chinese (Simplified) German Portuguese
Czech Hungarian Romanian
Danish Italian Spanish
Dutch Japanese Swedish
English Korean Te Reo Māori
Finnish Norwegian Thai
French Polish Turkish

All standard text is automatically translated, and custom fields can be translated by your team.

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