Set up on OnLocation Mobile for your organization

Learn how to enable the OnLocation Mobile integration and choose the global settings that apply to each location using the app. You'll need the Account Owner or IT Support user role to access these settings. 

To start using OnLocation Mobile, set up the following settings:

  1. Enable the integration
  2. Select the locations where OnLocation Mobile can be used
  3. Set up the global default settings

Step 1: Enable the integration

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the OnLocation Mobile integration.

  4. Click Enable, then click Confirm.


Step 2: Enable OnLocation Mobile for your locations

Click Manage Settings next to OnLocation Mobile on the Enabled Integrations tab to enable OnLocation Mobile for your locations.


Single location

  1. Click Disabled next to a location.

  2. Click Enable to confirm.

Multiple locations

  1. Select the checkbox next to multiple locations or use the Select All button.
  2. Click the Run an Action menu, then select Change Status to.
  3. Select Enable.
  4. Click Run Action.


Step 3: Set up the global default settings

If you have multiple locations using OnLocation Mobile, you can use global default settings, so all locations have the same setup. Global settings include:

Allow sign in/out

Allow your employees and contractors to use OnLocation Mobile to sign in and out of a location quickly. This data is recorded in OnLocation, providing accurate records of who is on-site at any given time. If sign in/out is not enabled, you can't set up auto sign in/out.

Auto sign in/out

OnLocation Mobile can automatically sign your employees and contractors in/out using their smartphone’s geolocation. A 100m wide circular geofence is added around your location if enabled.

Choose if users can sign in/out:

  • Automatically - to automatically sign users in when they cross the geofence
  • Prompt Only - will send a push notification reminding users to sign in when they get near a location
  • Disabled - users will need to sign in manually

Auto sign in/out uses the location services available to the user's smartphone. Location services use a combination of cellular, WiFi, and GPS to determine the user's location. If they are not within a clear line of sight to GPS satellites, their device can identify their location using crowd-sourced WiFi and cell tower locations. MRI OnLocation takes no responsibility for the accuracy of an OnLocation Mobile user or GPS device.

Learn more about how location tracking in OnLocation Mobile works.

Employee registration

Choose how employees can get access to OnLocation:

  • Allow employees to self-register while adding an account in OnLocation Mobile. Employees receive their activation code without requiring an invitation from your location's Administrator.
  • Set up automatic invites, so all employees or new employees only are automatically sent an email invite with their app activation code

Visitor pre-registration

Allow employees to pre-register visitors with OnLocation Mobile. Employees just need to enter the visitor's name, organization, contact details, and event start and end date and time. 

Visitors will receive an email with the event details, along with a link to a pre-visit questionnaire. Front-of-house staff have visibility of the pre-registered guest in Sign In/Out Manager.

Geolocation reporting

Choose what geolocation data you'd like to include in your People Presence report, Geolocation report, and dashboards:

Data options include:

  • All location data – reports include all location data that is sent either automatically or manually by the user
  • SOS only – location data is only reported when a user sends an SOS
  • No location data –  no location data in OnLocation reports

Make Follow Me mandatory

Follow me is a feature of OnLocation Mobile that tracks the location of employees or contractors while they’re signed in for work. It’s designed to monitor the safety of those working at risk on larger sites or in remote locations.

Enabling this option will make location tracking mandatory for your OnLocation Mobile users while they are signed in. Using 'Follow Me' will increase battery usage, and users will not be able to disable it.

If 'Follow Me' is not mandatory, OnLocation Mobile can still send updates of where the app user is while on-site, but the user will have to manually enable this on their mobile device.

Contact admin

Choose who users should contact if they have a question for your organization. Select an employee or enter a nominated email address.

The types of issues best answered by your organization include:

    • A user not having access to a location
    • An activation code that's out of date
    • Why someone's denied access during sign in

Users will still have the option to contact MRI OnLocation Support for technical issues.


To update these settings: 

  1. Select the Default Settings tab.
  2. Turn on sign in/out for employees and contractors.
  3. Enable auto sign in/out. Choose how employees and contractors are signed in/out: Automatic, prompt only, or disabled. 

    If you have locations that do not have Google-verified addresses, you'll be prompted to re-enter the addresses and select a verified address from the list. 
  4. Choose if employees can self-register to use the app.
  5. Choose if you'd like to automatically invite employees to the app, either all employees or any new employees added to OnLocation. 
  6. Choose if you'd like employees to pre-register visitors using the app. 
  7. Choose the geolocation data you want to include in your reporting.
  8. Select if Follow Me should be mandatory for employees or contractors.
  9. Select an employee or add an email address so app users can contact an admin if they have any issues using OnLocation Mobile. 
  10. Click Save.