Set up OnLocation Mobile for a location

Learn how to configure the OnLocation Mobile general settings for your location. Allow employees and contractors to sign in or out, choose how to report on location data, set up an admin contact, or make Follow Me mandatory. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings. 

About the settings

OnLocation Mobile can be managed using the global default settings for an account, or each location can turn off the global defaults and configure its own settings. 

The General Settings tab includes the following settings:

Allow sign in/out

Allow your employees and contractors to use OnLocation Mobile to quickly sign in and out of a location. This data is recorded in OnLocation, providing you with accurate records of who is on-site at any given time. If sign in/out is not enabled, you can't set up auto sign in/out.

Employee registration

Choose how employees can get access to OnLocation:

  • Allow employees to self-register while adding an account in OnLocation Mobile. Employees receive their activation code without requiring an invitation from your location's Administrator.
  • Set up automatic invites so all employees or new employees only are automatically sent an email invite with their app activation code

Visitor pre-registration

Allow employees to pre-register visitors with OnLocation Mobile. Employees just need to enter the visitor's name, organization, contact details, and event start and end date and time. 

Visitors will receive an email with the event details, along with a link to a pre-visit questionnaire. Front-of-house staff have visibility of the pre-registered guest in Sign In/Out Manager.

Geolocation reporting

Choose what geolocation data you'd like to include in your People Presence report, Geolocation report, and dashboards:

Data options include:

  • All location data – reports include all location data that is sent either automatically or manually by the user
  • SOS only – location data is only reported when a user sends an SOS
  • No location data –  no location data in OnLocation reports

Make Follow Me mandatory

Follow me is a feature of OnLocation Mobile that tracks the location of employees or contractors while they’re signed in for work. It’s designed to monitor the safety of those working at risk, on larger sites, or in remote locations.

Enabling this option will make location tracking mandatory for your OnLocation Mobile users while they are signed in. Using Follow Me will increase battery usage, and users will not be able to disable it.

If Follow Me is not mandatory, OnLocation Mobile can still send updates of where the app user is while on-site, but the user will have to enable this on their mobile device manually.

Contact admin

Choose who users should contact if they have a question for your organization. Select an employee or enter a nominated email address.

The types of issues best answered by your organization include:

    • A user not having access to a location
    • An activation code that's out of date
    • Why someone is denied access during sign in

Users will still have the option to contact MRI OnLocation Support for technical issues.


Set up location settings for OnLocation Mobile

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select OnLocation Mobile.
  3. In the General Settings tab, use the switch to turn global default settings off.
  4. Choose if you'd like to allow sign in/out for employees and contractors. 
  5. Choose if employees can self-register to use OnLocation Mobile.
  6. If you'd like to automatically invite employees to use OnLocation Mobile, choose if you'd like to invite all employees or just new employees. 
  7. Choose if employees can pre-register visitors. 
  8. Select the geolocation data you'd like to include in OnLocation reporting: All location data, SOS only, No location data. Note, you must store all location data to use Follow Me. 
  9. Choose if you'd like to make Follow Me mandatory for employees and contractors.
  10. Add an admin contractor for your app users. It can either be an employee in OnLocation or add a dedicated email address. 
  11. Click Save.

Next step: If you've allowed your employees or contractors to sign in or out, set up auto sign in so OnLocation Mobile users will be automatically signed in when they arrive on-site.