Create Red Flag Alerts; triggered when a visitor does not agree to your Acknowledgement Notice

In the previous article we showed you how to set up a Pandemic Visitor Policy Acknowledgement Notice using the 'Important Notices' feature, and apply a setting that requires the visitor to Acknowledge your Notice.  

In this article:  We show you how to create automated alerts using Triggers to notify you of any visitor that does not 'Acknowledge' or 'Agree' to your Pandemic Visitor Policy Acknowledgement Notice.


This feature assumes you have enabled the Triggers Add-on (a free Add-on with every subscription). If you have not enabled Triggers, it only takes a few minutes. Learn how to enable the Triggers Add-on hereNote: You must be an Account Owner to enable an Add-on. 

However we do take you through the specific steps below for creating an alert that is triggered when a visitor does not acknowledge or agree to your Notice.

Setting up your Red Flag Alert Trigger

This Trigger is activated in response to a visitor not acknowledging an Acknowledgement Notice.

  1. Select Triggers from the left-hand menu
  2. Select the green Create a new Trigger button
  3. First we setup our Trigger Details:
  4. Enter a Trigger name (for example: "Visitor Fails Acknowledgement Notice")
  5. Select Active for Trigger Status
  6. For Trigger Event select Visitor Sign in - Triggered when a visitor signs in
  7. Select Next
  8. Next we select our Rules
  9. Under Must match ALL of the following rules select the green Create a new rule button
  10. From the Select a Rule dropdown select Visitor - Acknowledgement Notice 
  11. From the Select a Condition dropdown select Is the following
  12. From the options dropdown select Pandemic Visitor Policy Acknowledgement=> I Do Not Accept (or the appropriate negative response you set up to your Notice)
  13. Select Next
  14. Next we set up our Actions.
  15. Alongside the Trigger the following Actions select the green Create a new Action button.
  16. From the Select an Action dropdown select Send an Email - Send an email to one or many recipients. 
  17. Select a Recipent Type - select Employees
  18. In the resulting Select Below dropdown choose 'Selected Employees
  19. In the Add Recipients box select the employee (s) to receive the Red Flag Alert notification. Note you can only select employees set up as 'employees' in the location. However, if you wanted to alert a non-employee you could create another Action where in the previous step (18) you would select External Recipients. 
  20. Enter a title for your email, like 'Visitor Fails Acknowledgement Notice' in the Message Subject field enter the following message (or your own):

    {{ }} from {{ match.from }} has not Acknowledged the Pandemic Visitor Policy Acknowledgement Notice required of them during the visitor sign in process. They have been informed that entry to this facility is pending a review by yourself and they are currently waiting at {{ match.lacp_in_name }}. Below is the Notice Details:
    {{ match.notice_info }}

    Use the blue View Available Placeholders button to utilize {{ }} , {{ match.from }} ., {{ match.lacp_in_name }} , and {{ match.notice_info }}

  1. Select Save and Close.
  2. Your Trigger is now Active
Note: If you have multiple locations you want to deploy the same Trigger to you will need to repeat the process above for each location however you can Clone a Trigger to another location. Learn how here.
  1. Can we make an action a text (sms) message instead? Yes the recipients mobile / cellular number must be recorded in their employee profile.
  2. Can we have an email action and a separate text/sms action in the same trigger with the same or different recipients? Yes
  3. Can we add multiple recipients to a single email or sms action? Yes
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