Set up scanning at your kiosk

Learn how to set up scanning at your sign in/out kiosk.

There are two different types of kiosks that are supported for use with WhosOnLocation: iPad and Windows. Each has different requirements for setting up scanning.

iPad kiosk

The iPad kiosk app, WolKiosk, comes with built-in QR code scanning which means that in some scenarios, you do not need an external scanner. This does require the user to tap the iPad to scan which means it is not touchless.

Built-in scanning

The WolKiosk app can use the front camera of the iPad to scan QR codes, meaning you do not need any extra hardware. The scanning is limited to QR codes because the quality of the camera is such that it cannot consistently scan barcodes easily.

To enable scanning, you need to turn on the iPad camera scan setting in your kiosk settings from the desktop application:

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks.
  4. Click View next to your kiosk.
  5. Select the checkbox next to Enable iPad Camera Scan.

  6. Click Save & Close.

To scan on the kiosk, tap Sign In or Sign Out, and hold the QR code up to the iPad’s camera.

External scanning

Setting up an external scanner with your iPad means you can scan barcodes, QR codes, and/or RFID, depending on the type of scanner set up. You can also set up scanning to be contactless using a charging stand and auto mode.

The only scanners supported for use with WolKiosk are the SocketScan 700 series and DuraScan D600. Scanners include

  • 1D scanners for barcodes only
  • 2D scanners for barcodes and QR codes
  • D600 for scanning RFID

You can only have one scanner enabled per kiosk, so you won’t be able to scan both RFID and barcodes.

Check our scanner article for a list of suggested suppliers.

Click here for details on setting up an external scanner with an iPad.

RFID scanners can only read certain frequency RFID cards. Please your RFID cards have a frequency of 13.56 MHz before using the D600.

Windows kiosk

A Windows kiosk always requires an external scanner, you cannot use a webcam or built-in camera. There are different requirements depending on the type of scanner, barcode and QR code or RFID.

A Windows kiosk with an external scanner can be contactless if the scanner has an auto mode.

Barcode and QR code scanners

The only requirement for a barcode or QR code scanner is ‘keyboard entry mode’. This means the scanner acts in the same way as a keyboard entering a string.

Most plug and play scanners will work to scan and enter tokens with no additional setup required as keyboard entry mode is standard.

One scanner that is widely used for barcode and QR code scanning with WhosOnLocation with automatic scanning is the Motorola Zebra DS9208 barcode scanner. 

Check our scanner article for a list of suggested suppliers.

RFID scanners

RFID scanners come in a wide variety, scanning various frequencies, and inputting using various methods.

The frequency that is scanned needs to match the frequency being emitted by your cards. The manufacturer or supplier of both the cards and scanners will be able to provide this information.

Keyboard input means that the scanner enters the string as if it were typing on a keyboard, this is required to use an RFID scanner with WhosOnLocation. Many scanners can be configured to use keyboard input, though this may not be available on some devices. This is also something that you should check with the manufacturer or supplier.

For an all-purpose scanner that reads multiple frequencies and has a keyboard input method, we recommend the pcPRox Plus RFID reader. 

Check our scanner article for a list of suggested suppliers.

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