Configure printing for your sign in/out kiosk

Configure the printing settings for a sign in/out kiosk. You must have the Administrator user role to access these settings.

About kiosk printing

Set up printing settings for your sign in/out kiosk. The type of settings available will depend on the person types you selected in the Mode tab and the device you use for your kiosk.

Settings include:

Access kiosk printing settings

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Kiosks.
  3. Click View next to the kiosk.
  4. Select the Printing tab.
  5. Update the relevant settings.
  6. Click Next or Save & Close


Enable print sharing

Print sharing allows you to print from other kiosks or a receptionist's PC to this kiosk. It is used only for printing from other devices to the printer attached to this kiosk. If you do not have other devices that need to print to this kiosk, you do not need to enable it.

To turn it on, select the checkbox next to Enable Print Sharing.

Badge pass printing


Configure the following settings:

  • Visitor Badge Pass - Enable the badge pass template you have created in your account for visitors that you want to print on this kiosk. If you do not choose a template, no badge passes will be able to print from this kiosk for visitors.
  • Host Badge Pass Authorization - Only print a badge pass for your visitor when authorized by an employee. This adds security to authenticate visitors before they are issued a pass to enter your location.
  • Automatically Print Duplicate Label - Print two identical labels for your visitor on sign in. This won't work if you are using host badge pass authorization.


Select the checkbox next to Enable Employee Badge Pass to activate the employee badge pass printing rules you have set up for your location in Sign In/Out Questions. When activated the badge passes with rules will display for your reference.

If you have not set up any printing rules for employee badge passes, no passes will be printed.


Select a pass from the Contractor Badge Pass field to enable the badge pass template you want to print on this kiosk.

If you do not choose a template, no badge passes will be able to print from this kiosk for contractors.

iPad printing mode

iPad kiosks require either a wireless or Bluetooth connection with a Brother printer for printing. These settings are found in the Printing tab of the kiosk settings. There are four possible printing methods, select the required printing mode:

Brother printer using WiFi

Requires a Brother QL series printer with AirPrint capabilities. To use this, connect your Brother printer to the same WiFi network as your iPad and select the printer in the kiosk.

Brother printer using Bluetooth

Requires a Brother QL-820NWB or QL-820NWBc printer. To use this, enable Bluetooth on your printer and iPad, then pair the printer from the kiosk settings.

Other Airprint compatible printer 

This allows you to use a non-Brother printer that uses AirPrint to connect to an iPad for printing. While we don’t support the use of non-Brother printers with the kiosk app, this method allows for new printers that are released with AirPrint to be used without any delay which may come from requiring further development.

Other printer using manual IP address

This allows you to set up a printer on the same WiFi network as your iPad and connect by entering the IP address directly. This makes finding the printer simpler because you tell your kiosk exactly where the printer is instead of having the app search for it on your network. This method is especially useful if you have a restricted network meaning you cannot connect easily using the normal AirPrint method. Manual IP Address printing still requires an AirPrint-capable printer. 


Next step: If you're setting up this kiosk for the first time, click Next to choose your kiosk notification settings.