Additional hardware for your location

MRI OnLocation works with various hardware, including Bluetooth beacons, digital thermometers, and CipherLab RS31 & RS50 series Android mobile computers. 

OnLocation supports a range of hardware, including iPads, Windows tablets and computers, printers, and scanners. There are also additional hardware options that you might like to use in your locations:

Bluetooth beacons

Beacons are used to assist with automatic sign in when using the onLocation mobile app. They are small Bluetooth devices that can connect to your smartphone automatically when in range.

Beacons come in various strengths and configuration options, so it’s important to ensure you get the right beacons for your location.

Country Supplier Ships to
United States

United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia

CipherLab RS35 & RS50 series mobile computers

The CipherLab RS35 & RS50 series is a smartphone-like touch mobile computer precisely designed to meet the demands of mobile workers in industries such as construction and manufacturing in conjunction with our OnSentry app.

These have built-in RFID, Barcode, and QR code scanning technology which integrate seamlessly with the OnSentry app. This allows users to quickly find and manage the presence of employees and contractors by scanning a code or tapping an RFID card associated with their profile.

Temperature screening

Fever is the best predictor of infection. The WelloStationX is the only automated, touchless clinical thermometer. Connect with Wello to discover the quick, safe, and accurate solution for elevated body temperature screening.

Wello is not integrated with OnLocation; it is a stand-alone solution.