Introduction: WolGuard

WolGuard is an Android-only mobile application used to manage employee and contractor movements. It can be used for signing people into and out of your location and switching them between zones in your location. 

WolGuard setup

Your WolGuard setup can be as simple or thorough as required for your organization.

If you have a small location with just one entry and exit point, all you may need is one Zone, one Access Point, and one mobile device.

If you have a large location with many different secure areas, you will want to set up multiple Zones and Access Points, and will need to deploy multiple devices.


A Zone is any area that differs in some respect or is distinguished for some purpose, from adjoining areas within the same location. Zones are a way of breaking up your location into specific areas. In an office building, this may be the various floors; on a construction site, this may be areas with different safety rules.

Setting up, and switching between, Zones in your location is a good way to track precisely where employees and contractors are in your location to give greater accuracy in an emergency.


Click here for more information on location zones and set up.

Access points

An Access Point is a physical area that is used to manage the flow of people, this can be signing in and out or moving between zones. Access Points can have one or more connected zones and a default zone, the latter being used to identify where that access point is in your location. Access Points can also be inter-zone only, meaning they are used for movements between zones but not for signing in and out of your location.

We recommend setting up separate Access Points for each area in your location that a WolGuard device will be used, this may include multiple Access Points for a busy person flow area. This will ensure accurate reporting of who has entered the area using which WolGuard device.


Have a look at this article on Access Points for more information about setting these up.

WolGuard users

WolGuard users are set up by Administrators of a WhosOnLocation account and can be employees and/or contractors, they are usually security staff or forepersons.

You can set up employees and/or contractors to be WolGuard users in WhosOnLocation. All they need is an email address or cellphone number entered in their WhosOnLocation profile for you to send them a WolGuard Code. They can then use this unique code to log into any WolGuard device and start managing people movements. WhosOnLocation will recognize the unique code and attribute any movements made through their WolGuard device to that individual in the People Presence Report until they log out.


We recommend giving each WolGuard user their own code to accurately report on movements and providing your own training to these users on how to properly use WolGuard prior to deployment.

WolGuard hardware

WolGuard is an Android exclusive application and is only supported for use on a limited number of devices. On-going support will only be provided for WolGuard running on the CipherLab RS35 and RS50 series devices using Android version 5.0 and above.

These devices have options for built-in RFID, Barcode, and QR Code scanning functions to allow for fast sign in of employees and contractors.

For more information, check the WolGuard hardware tips article.


There is an additional cost to use WolGuard. You're charged depending on the number of employees or contractors set up to use WolGuard at your location.  You can change the number of users at any time.  

Check the WhosOnLocation website to learn more about pricing. 

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