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Learn which tablets, iPads, and computers are supported by WhosOnLocation.
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Device options


An iPad kiosk is the most common set up for sign in/out kiosks.

We suggest using an iPad Air or iPad Pro running on the most recent operating system.

Using an iPad, you can print visitor labels on wireless printers connected through Wi-Fi, and scan QR codes using the built-in iPad camera or barcodes and QR codes using a scanner connected through Bluetooth. There are also many stand options for iPad kiosks. 

Install WolKiosk to start signing people in or out with your iPad. 

Windows tablet

A Windows tablet gives you further flexibility on your choices of hardware while keeping a tablet-sized touchscreen kiosk. WhosOnLocation runs on any Windows 10+ device on a range of browsers.

We suggest using a Windows Surface Pro or Surface 3+.

You can use a range of printers and any plug and play scanner. You can also use an RFID reader to read access control cards.

There are many stand options for tablet kiosks. 

Windows computer

A desktop computer allows your visitors to use your kiosk on a larger screen with a keyboard and mouse. This is a more user-friendly setup for industries with users less familiar with touchscreen technology.

You can use any desktop or laptop running Windows 8 or above, but we recommend using a newer model running Windows 10 to ensure a smooth workflow.

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