Manage visitor pre-registration across locations

If your organization has multiple locations, learn which visitor pre-registration settings are managed globally in MRI OnLocation and which settings are managed by location Administrators. 

There are several different features in OnLocation which work together to provide a seamless visitor management experience. Some features are organization-wide, and others are in your location settings. 

Global features

To manage visitor pre-registration, we recommend enabling the following features. Each feature can be used across your organization and requires a specific user role

Manage these global features:

  • Global custom questionnaire - create a visitor pre-registration custom questionnaire and activate it across locations. Requires the Global Questions Manager role. 
  • OnPass - enable OnPass at each of your locations and set up the email templates. Turn on automated sending, so visitors receive their OnPass as soon as they complete their profile. Requires the OnPass Manager role. 
  • Calendar invites - enable this integration so that your employees can pre-register a visitor while adding them to a meeting invite. Once enabled, it is available for all of your organization. Requires the Account Owner or IT Support role. 
  • Employee visitor sign in permission - Choose if employees can sign in their own visitors and choose if locations can override the global permission. Requires the Account Owner or IT Support role. 
  • Custom Questionnaire report - keep track of the answers to visitor pre-registration questions across your entire organization. Requires the Reports Manager role. 

Location-level settings

The following settings must be configured at the location level. These settings are all accessible to employees with the Administrator user role. If you have multiple organizations, an Administrator in each location will need to set these up. 

Manage location settings:

  • Questionnaire invitation settings - enable questionnaire invitations and choose if they should send automatically. Once a visitor is pre-registered, they'll receive an email asking them to complete their profile. 
  • Basic questions - activate basic questions for pre-registration. There are two modes: questions that employees can answer while pre-registering visitors and questions for visitors to answer in their profile. 
  • Triggers - set up triggers to monitor when someone pre-registers a visitor, if a questionnaire is incomplete, or monitor specific answers. It also requires the Triggers Manager role.
  • Kiosk visitor settings - choose if only pre-registered visitors can sign in on a kiosk. Walk-in visitors will need to see your front-of-house staff.