Record proof of vaccination for visitors

Learn how to store proof of vaccination for your pre-registered visitors in MRI OnLocation. 

How it works

If your organization requires proof of vaccination to enter your location, you can store this information using a visitor pre-registration questionnaire.

Ask your visitors to take a screenshot or photo of their vaccine documentation, then either upload a copy in their visitor profile or email a copy to their host, who can upload it in their frequent visitor profile in OnLocation. If uploaded by an employee, the file will remain in the frequent visitor profile for future events the host invites them to. 

You can also set up a trigger to send an email canceling the meeting if a pre-registered visitor confirms that they are unvaccinated. 

This article covers how to:  

If you're in New Zealand, enable the NZ Vaccine Pass integration to verify vaccine passes during sign in or visitor pre-registration.

Record a visitor's proof of vaccination

To store a visitor's vaccine record, set up a visitor pre-registration questionnaire: 

  1. Choose the questionnaire invitation settings for your location.
  2. Add and activate a custom questionnaire. Make sure it has a document upload question so visitors can upload their vaccine passport or certificate.

One-time visitor

Once an employee pre-registers a visitor and they receive the questionnaire, the visitor can upload a copy of their vaccine certificate in their visitor profile.


The document will be available to view by clicking on the visitor's name in Sign In/Out Manager. It is accessible until the visitor signs out.


Employees with the Reports Manager user role can also view the document in the Custom Questionnaire reports. It will be retained for the time period that was selected in the questionnaire settings.


Frequent visitor

To save a vaccine record in a frequent visitor's profile, an employee must upload the document. This record will be visible only to the employee until the visitor is pre-registered for an event, then it will show in Sign In/Out Manager.

To upload a file: 

  1. Go to My Visitors My Frequent Visitors.
  2. Find the visitor, then click View next to their name.
  3. Select the custom questionnaire tab.

  4. Click Select File to upload a copy of the document. If this has been set up as a conditional question, you may need to answer another question to access the document upload question.
  5. Click Save.


Once the frequent visitor is added to an event, the document will be available to view in Sign In/Out Manager.

Set up a trigger to cancel a meeting if a pre-registered visitor is unvaccinated 

In this example, a trigger is used to notify a visitor that their meeting is canceled because they have confirmed they are unvaccinated in a pre-visit questionnaire. The host is also notified by email. 

To use this trigger, you must have set up:

To create a trigger:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Triggers.
  3. Click Create a New Trigger.

Trigger Details tab

  1. Enter the trigger name.
  2. Select Active next to the Trigger Status.
  3. Select Pre-Registered Visitor Questionnaire Submitted as the Trigger Event.
  4. Click Next.

Trigger Rules tab

  1. Click Create a New Rule next to Must match ALL of the following rules. 
  2. Select Pre-Registered Visitor - Custom Question Answer.
  3. Select Is the Following as the rule condition.
  4. Select the custom question answer: Have you been fully vaccinated against COVID-19? >> No
  5. Click Next.

Trigger Actions tab

  1. Click Create a New Action.
  2. Select Notification: Send an Email.
  3. Select Matched Person, then choose Visitor holding the Questionnaire
  4. Enter the subject and message you'd like to email to the visitor. Use placeholders to update the text with the visitor's name.
  5. Click Create a New Action.
  6. Select Notification: Send an Email.
  7. Select Matched Person, then choose Employee Hosting Visit
  8. Enter the subject and message you'd like to like to email to the host. Use placeholders to update the text with the visitor's name.
  9. Click Save & Close.