How your visitors experience pre-registration

Learn about the visitor experience if you've enabled pre-registration questionnaire invitations. 

About the visitor profile

If your location uses pre-registration questionnaire invitations, a pre-registered visitor will receive an email with the event details and a link to their visitor profile.

The profile opens in their web browser. The visitor doesn't need an app or an OnLocation login to access it.

The visitor profile contains their contact information and any basic questions or custom questionnaires activated for pre-registration.

The pre-visit experience

This visitor pre-registration experience uses the following features:

When an employee adds a visitor to a meeting in their calendar, the visitor will:

  1. Receive an email from Google or Outlook calendar showing the meeting details. They can confirm their attendance to add the event to their calendar.
  2. At a specified time before the event, they will receive an email asking them to complete their visitor profile. Click Complete your profile to open the profile in their web browser.

  3. They can check the event details, then click Next to answer the pre-registration questions.

  4. They'll answer any basic questions, like their contact details and if they require evacuation assistance. Click Next.

  5. They are asked to answer any custom questions. Click Next.

  6. They'll see a list of their basic question answers and the name of the custom questionnaire they have completed. The visitor can edit their answers or click Save to confirm.


  7. Click Add this event to your calendar to save the event in their calendar. 

  8. Finally, they'll receive an OnPass with the visit details and any quick sign in options.

Next step: When they arrive, they can sign in by scanning their OnPass on a kiosk, or a Sign In/Out Manager can help them scan their pass. The host employee can also sign in their visitors in My Pre-Registered Visitors.