Introduction: Bookable desks and spaces

With the Desks and Spaces add-on, you can add bookable desks and spaces to your workplace. 

About bookable desks and spaces

Create bookable spaces, so your employees can choose where they'll work within your location's zones. Zones are defined areas in your location, such as floors, neighborhoods, departments, or buildings on campus. Spaces can be any area in a workplace, for example, desks, meeting rooms, breakout spaces, car parks.

Add as many zones and spaces as you need. For each zone, upload a floor plan, add the maximum occupancy, add the number of bookable spaces and give the space custom names that fit your workplace.

Choose if employees can book a workspace when signing in on a kiosk, Sign In/Out Manager, or on OnLocation Mobile. If the Employee Scheduling add-on is also enabled, employees can book a workspace in advance on OnLocation Mobile.

Depending on your pricing plan, there may be an additional cost to use this feature. Visit the website for details.

Get set up

To start using bookable desks and spaces, set up the following:  

  1. Enable the Desks and Spaces add-on.
  2. (Optional) Set up the Employee Scheduling add-on to enable employees to book a workspace in advance with OnLocation Mobile. 
  3. Add zones and spaces for each location. 
  4. Enable the workspace selection question in the employee Visit Options tab of each location's Sign In/Out Questions. This will determine how your employees can book a workspace.
  5. Print workspace labels, so employees can scan the QR code to check the space's availability and book it now or in the future. 
  6. Let your staff know how workspace booking works.

Manage workspaces 

Once your employees start booking workspaces, view the bookings in MRI OnLocation: